219 States Street
Condo converted in early 2011, the upper level two-bedroom condo at 219 States Street hit the market a year ago listed for $1,129,000 and sold for $1,025,000 this past December.
While the red oak floors might have been refinished, the condition of the Corona Heights condo is otherwise the same as ten months ago and it’s back on the market and listed for $1,049,000, Gangnam apples-to-apples style. Calling all Psy-chics to predict the close…
∙ Listing: 219 States Street (2/2) 1,397 sqft – $1,049,000 []

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  4. Posted by lol

    Both the web site AND propertyshark have the square footage at 1690sf.

  5. Posted by hugh

    it needs some love, but that utopian 1970s design is starting to look charming, isn’t it? all that vertical space, earthy exteriors…

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  7. Posted by Lori

    That kitchen is way too small and narrow for the overall square footage of the condo.

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