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As we wrote when the finished 140 Saint Germain first hit SocketSite in early 2011:

It’s another high-end home that’s not yet listed on the MLS. But as a plugged-in reader notes, the new 140 Saint Germain no longer only exists in renderings, but has been finished, photographed and priced at $5,000,000.

As we wrote about the property in 2008: “It’s truly a fixer, but with the requisite bones, big city views, and two atriums (not to mention decks and parking).”

As we reported four weeks later, in June of last year:

…while it never hit the MLS, according to a plugged-in tipster, the sale of 140 Saint Germain has closed escrow with an unreported contract price of $5,200,000 ($912 per square foot), the highest of three offers.

And as a reader notes, 140 Saint Germain is now back on the market sixteen months later and asking ten percent more ($5,695,000).
140 Saint Germain: Kitchen
∙ Listing: 140 St. Germain (5/7) 5,701 sqft – $5,695,000 [140stgermain.com] [Floor Plans]
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8 thoughts on “Sixteen Months Later And Asking Ten Percent More On Saint Germain”
  1. 16 months ago this place sold for $500K less. That is amazing, but I think it is the market. How long can that keep up? That 25th street place had multiple offers in the first week at $4.2M so there are some more big D5 spenders out there. Must be the low interest rates.

  2. The list price for 140 Saint Germain has just been reduced to $260,000 (5 percent), now asking $5,399,000. Once again, purchased for $5,200,000 seventeen months ago and a sale at asking would represent appreciation of 3.8 percent since then, under three percent a year. It must be the high interest rates that’s holding things back.

  3. Despite a reduction to $5,399,000 two weeks ago, 140 Saint Germain is now “off the market” according to the MLS. Having not been officially withdrawn or in escrow, the property will likely return to the market after the holidays.

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