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The proposed conversion of the New Mission Theater into a five-screen venue with food and “adult beverage service” which we first reported seven months ago continues to move forward. As we wrote about Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s plans for the building in February:

Inside, the theater would be converted from one to five screens, “utilizing and dividing the existing balcony levels (one auditorium on the ground floor, three new auditoriums on the lower balcony, and one new auditorium on the upper balcony)” while the projection room on the first floor would become a bar.

On the outside, the plan “would maintain and restore the character-defining elements on the exterior, including the Art Deco façade; free-standing pylon sign with neon tubes spelling out “New Mission;” cantilevered marquee; and streamlined parapet.”

With terms for Alamo Drafthouse Cinema to purchase and renovate the property pending City approvals in place, and now targeting an end of 2013 re-opening, the plans for the New Mission Theater and the housing project next door are currently scheduled for another hearing with San Francisco’s Historic Preservation Commission in December.

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  1. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Gotta love the little tables in front of each seat to set your pint down. That sure beats cup holders in the armrests and creates more legroom too. Go Alamo!

  2. Posted by WorldClassCity?

    That whole block should be torn down, period!

  3. Posted by Jackson

    Having Alamo Drafthouse renovate the building, keeping the deco look is a very positive outcome.
    I’m even anxious to try out an “adult beverage” with a film too.
    For those who are not familiar with the Texas chain, take a look at their YouTube upload “Don’t talk during the movie” upload. Pretty cheeky! (NSFW warning)

  4. Posted by Schlub

    “That whole block should be torn down, period!”
    In fact, this is sort of already happening. I’m surprised SS didn’t mention the old theater directly across the street from this which has been stripped down to it’s girders and being completely rebuilt. All sorts of store fronts on the surrounding blocks of Mission are right now being gutted and redone. Massive changes happening.

  5. Posted by Big V

    I just wish they didn’t have to wait until December for their next hearing. sure would be nice if they could just get started now!

  6. Posted by Rob

    How does tearing down a whole block help?
    Two things this city needs to do to encourage positive changes in the outcome of these developments:
    1. Revoke some of the decision making powers of the neighborhood associations; which are being used as a wedge to slow down and inevitably stall projects.
    2. The city needs to loosen zoning restrictions to further encourage innovative design / space use.

  7. Posted by Invented

    In an age of increased virtual entertainment and a sense of SF becoming an increasingly corporate, high tech and transitional city — another entertainment venue is a good thing. Other new important venues opening next year — SF Jazz Center and the renovation of the stunning Nourse auditorium in Hayes Valley — ground and strengthen our city.

  8. Posted by Mark F.

    Good news, I am horrified at how sections of Mission Street look right now.

  9. Posted by futurist

    Yea, sections of Mission St. are pretty bad, in terms of vacant buildings and crappy old facades.
    Some should be torn down due to their age and lack of any structural stability or architectural significance.
    Others, like the theaters, are examples of great adaptive re-use. More activity on the street; more people, more business for the neighborhood.

  10. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    … Looks like the opening has been pushed out (obviously) until fall 2014.
    Also Alamo released a new Siri-centric anti-cellphone clip. enjoy

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