125 Mountain Spring Avenue
Purchased for $2,700,000 in May 2008 then remodeled in 2009, the Mid-Century Modern home at 125 Mountain Spring Avenue features light and airy rooms throughout.
125 Mountain Spring Avenue Living
The Mid-Century aesthetic has survived and a bit of contemporary flair has been added:

125 Mountain Spring Avenue: Kitchen
With four bedrooms and a Japanese soaking tub in the new master suite, the Clarendon Heights home is now back on the market and listed for $2,875,000.
∙ Listing: 125 Mountain Spring Avenue (4/3.5) – $2,875,000 [125mountainspring.com]

13 thoughts on “Mid-Century Modern With Contemporary Flair”
  1. Now that’s a facade. Nice house. Don’t know the area well but certainly seems nice. Predict a quick sale.
    Are these sponsored posts? Seems there are less SFMLS posts and more direct posts as of late.

  2. Stop bashing [SocketSite] — if you want to run your own blog, then do so.
    This is a great location. Cul de sac, near the forest, wonderful views. It’s on the wrong side of the street for the best views, and I truly wonder about the sustainability of the psf up there, but it looks like a great home from the right buyer.

  3. “Are these sponsored posts?”
    Not unless the agent likes abuse or is just a raging dumbass. If it were up to me, my listings would never be on here, ever. Any agent would tell you the same.
    Even the times where the response is overwhelming positive (which happens maybe 5% of the time on here), potential buyers will pick out the two negative posts and obsess over them.
    [Editor’s Note: That’s one anonymous perspective.
    Of course we get pitched by agents and developers every day, will routinely drive 10x more traffic to featured listings (for which we’ve never taken compensation), and our reach is approaching 200,000 unique visitors a quarter (no, not simply “unique visits” which are much higher, but actual unique visitors).
    But hey, if you’re worried about plugged-in buyers asking questions that you can’t answer, or concerns that you can’t assuage, just drop us your name and we promise never to feature any of your listings, ever. Seriously.]

  4. Who is bashing anything? I could care less if a post is sponsored, or not. I was just asking for disclosure, along with an observation about recent content. My time on SS dates back to 2005 and much more active in 2006 as I became more interested in real estate. I’ve maintained the same name and am pretty transparent around here. Any publicity is good publicity. The negative comments around here are generally pretty constructive. You want negative, go look at the comments from most any home featured over on SFGte. That place is a disaster.
    And thanks for the clarification editor. Cheers as always.

  5. While I am not always a fan of mid-century modern, this is impeccably done. The kitchen, while completely current, is also consistent with the look of the original house. Nice job.

  6. Nice, but I think the house is located too far to the west to get a full view of The Golden Gate Bridge, I think the trees further downhill obscure the view to the Northwest.

  7. Just checked out this house over the weekend, you can see the GGB from the north east corner of LR… nice house.

  8. The list price for 125 Mountain Spring Avenue has been reduced to $2,795,000. Once again, the Clarendon Heights home was purchased for $2,700,000 in May 2008 and remodeled in 2009.

  9. Despite a “Fresh new price!” of $2,795,000, only $95,000 more than its pre-renovated price back in 2008, the listing for 125 Mountain Spring Avenue has been withdrawn from the MLS without a reported sale.

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