2300 Broadway

Built as the sister project to 2306 Broadway in 1989, the 4,084 square foot home at 2300 Broadway has hit the market listed for $6,200,000 with three bedrooms, three baths, and two parking spaces as well, but only one shared wall and a rather modern(e) kitchen.


As plugged-in people know, the 3,910 square foot home at 2306 Broadway most recently sold for $5,235,000 in 2009 having been purchased for $6,600,500 in the year 2000, down 21 percent from the height of San Francisco’s dotcom days and previous economic boom.

2300 Broadway

∙ Listing: 2300 Broadway (3/3) 4,084 sqft – $6,200,000 []

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by eddy

    If we squeeze into the corner than no one will see us controlling this camera equipped drone. Hard to predict where this one will end up. I’ll go asking +/- 5%.

  2. Posted by marko1332

    More glass wall block 😉
    You would think if you can afford the house, you can afford some design help. Beautiful views.

  3. Posted by BillyBalls

    agree w/ marko. very miami vice with the glass block and the minty cyan paint.
    I also like the neon skylight surround.
    “The world… …and everything in it, chico.”

  4. Posted by Boo

    you did notice there is Coke on the coffee table on the top floor party room right?

  5. Posted by eddy

    Wait, is that neon lighting around the inside of the skylight? Epic.

  6. Posted by Denis

    The neighboring townhouse is the data point that almost wasn’t. I learned long after that sale that it was initially in contract off-market for a sum much, much greater than its final selling price. But for various reasons that had nothing to do with the market, it fell out and suffered a big hit in the end.
    I walked past the broker’s tour this morning and it was totally crazy. Is there even a door to the master bedroom? The floor plan seems kind of awkward. Still, the views from the block are the best in Pac Heights. If the house is in perfect condition, I say it goes big and sells for 7. If it had similar problems to the other place, then it goes for 5.9.
    Down the block, 2430 Vallejo went pending less than a week after the open house on Sunday. Now that was a really fantastic home. It needed a lot of work, but it will make someone a really fantastic house. It was underpriced at 5.4. I would’ve kept it on the market a few weeks and taken bids. I bet it could’ve sold well over 6 if buyers had had enough time to learn that it was even on the market. Then again, maybe it did…

  7. Posted by EBGuy

    The FAA recognizes that people and companies other than modelers might be flying UAS [unmanned aircraft systems] with the mistaken understanding that they are legally operating under the authority of AC 91-57. AC 91-57 only applies to modelers, and thus specifically excludes its use by persons or companies for business purposes.
    I guess they didn’t get the memo (PDF Alert).
    Good eye eddy.
    [Editor’s Note: The LAPD Tells Realtors To Buzz Off.]

  8. Posted by eddy

    I predict that in the next 15 years that someone will purchase these 2 homes and merge them if they can convince the city.

  9. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Why are master bedrooms staged with seating for seven? It seems like an odd place to entertain and doubt that the stager is implying anything kinky.

  10. Posted by Denis

    Eddy, I don’t know why someone doesn’t do that. I think the owners of 2306 would sell… Merging these two homes would probably be fine. What I would do is demo both (the aren’t historical having been built in 88/89) and throw the city a bone by adding, say two legal guest apartments at the bottom giving the city two additional housing units. My guess is that a 10k square foot SFR at that location is worth a fortune comparable to outer Broadway. The views are certainly better.
    Oh, and I spoke too soon about the Vallejo house. Half-dozen offers on that one.

  11. Posted by my eyes r bleeding

    Marko 1332 is correct- GET SOME DESIGN HELP-STAT.
    Money clearly does not buy taste or decernment.
    Interior gut reno.
    PS HOMEOWNERS-Miami Vice -called the props department wants there crap back

  12. Posted by eddy

    Speaking of 2430 Vallejo, Sold Price: $7,350,000. Insane.

  13. Posted by Denis

    2430 is a fantastic property. Huge lot, massive yard, excellent floor plan, decent views. It really had everything. It’s a one of a kind property. That it sold for almost 2 million over asking (obviously all cash) with multiple offers is a really good sign. It needs quite a bit of work to bring the systems up to date, but it’s such a great house, I’m not totally surprised that it went for quite a bit over asking… I’m only surprised that it went for that much so quickly. The home was only on the open market for a week, though I imagine realtors knew it was coming up.

  14. Posted by Denis

    Went to the open house for this one. It shows much better than the pictures would suggest. It needs a lot of cosmetic work and there are some floor-plan problems that would need a creative architect. It’s a townhome for a single person or couple that likes to entertain.
    Clearly it’s not going for over in this case, so a good deal could be made here… Just read the disclosures carefully. Because it’s new-ish (80s), I’d consider buying it, holding it, and pursuing a full demo.

  15. Posted by Eddy

    Reduced to 5.6.
    I just really don’t love these lots. Hard to see the value. The other one seems like it was over its value. That guy should buy it and rent it out and blow them up. Do it! 🙂

  16. Posted by eddy

    Back at $5.3

  17. Posted by Denis

    I really missed the boat on this one. I still think this is a good project for a developer and that someone should try to buy the townhouse next door and merge the lots. But as is, it’s basically a dated one bedroom townhouse.

  18. Posted by eddy

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