Napier Lane holds a special place in our hearts. It is quintessential San Francisco: an enclave of quirky homes that are perched along a wooden byway on the side of Telegraph Hill, can only be reached by way of the Filbert Steps, and offer sweeping views of the bay.
In 1999, the 1,800 square foot condo at 16 Napier Lane was purchased for $845,000. In 2003, the owners of number 16 purchased the 750 square foot number 14 for $575,000.
Remodeled in 2007, the two-unit building which was built in 1991 is now back on the market as a modern single-family home with two front doors and listed for $2,450,000.
And no, there isn’t any parking.
∙ Listing: 14-16 Napier Lane (3/4.5) 2,750 sqft – $2,450,000 [Sotheby’s]
Your Chance To Live On Napier Lane (22 Napier Ln) [SocketSite]
Filbert Steps: Stairways of San Francisco []

10 thoughts on “Modern Tales Of The City From A Contemporary Perch On Napier Lane”
  1. A real Calder would get SocketSite a Cease & Desist from the family over the presentation and composition of the image.

  2. amazing views and perhaps the best modern furniture collection i’ve ever seen on socketsite.
    i count juhl, wegner, risom, nakashima, paulin, early MDVR, original kjaerholm and rarer dunbar pieces, as well as scandinavian kilims; loving the shaggy papa bear chair…if the art was better i might ever believe it was a real calder.
    not in love with the remodel’s kitchen or nonmaster baths but thanks for the photos.
    was this legally changed to a SFH? (i suspect not as a legal remodel would probably be very different.)

  3. Amazing views.
    But the lack of parking/garage, the constant chore of carrying groceries and mountain bikes and whatever else up and down stairs – that would be a showstopper for many buyers. Rules out families, retirees, people with car collections, etc.

  4. A unique location. Very quiet, protected, suspended in time.
    I used to live only 2 blocks away. To be true you do need good legs. Parking up Montgomery can be a pain on WEs and you often end up either on Vallejo or down on Sansome. Once I had to park on russian Hill!
    Up-down-up-down. Get used to it.
    Walking to work to the FiDi is awesome though…
    It’s a healthy wealthy DINK segment. They should market in the Marina.

  5. when enjoying the fruits of my early, 8 months long work visa less time in SF, I was walking down the steps and someone was struggling the other way – having to deliver a fridge as I recall.
    Great place!

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