22 Napier Lane
Napier Lane holds a special place in our hearts. It’s quintessential San Francisco: an enclave of quirky little homes that are perched along a wooden byway on the side of Telegraph Hill, can only be reached by way of the Filbert Steps, and offer sweeping views of the bay.
And while we’ve never been inside one of these homes, that’s about to change: 22 Napier Lane is on the market (and open this weekend). Our only concern is that if we lived there, we’d never want to leave the house. Seriously. (And no, it’s has nothing to do with all those steps.)
Telegraph Hill [sfaa.org]
Filbert Steps: Stairways of San Francisco [sisterbetty.org]
∙ Listing: 22 Napier Lane (2/2) – $2,150,000 [Hill & Co.] [MLS]

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