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The first of four scheduled public meetings of the 16-member Piers 30-32 Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC), intended “to provide the Port and City with questions and community concerns regarding a proposed multi-purpose project by the Golden State Warriors,” tips off tonight at 5:30pm.
On the agenda for the CAC this evening: introductions; process; and an overview of the pier, waterfront use plan and the proposed project. On the agendas for the three meetings next month: Transportation; Urban Design Principles and Considerations; and an Initial Site Concept Presentation and Neighborhood Benefits/Impacts report.
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7 thoughts on “Piers 30-32 Citizens Advisory Committee Tips Off Tonight”
  1. The members of the citizens advisory committee are:
    Jack Bair – Senior Vice President & General Counsel for the San Francisco Giants.
    Gordon Chin — Retired affordable housing advocate and Former Executive Director of the Chinatown Community Development Center.
    Marty Coressel — Resident of Rincon Hill.
    Ramon Hernandez — Business Manager for LiUNA! Laborers Local 261.
    Amandeep Jawa — San Francisco League of Conservation Voters.
    Katy Liddell — Resident of South Beach and President of South Beach, Rincon, Mission Bay Neighborhood Association.
    Allan Manalo — SoMa Stabilization Fund Citizen Advisory Committee member.
    Eric McDonnell — Resident of District 10 and executive vice president at United Way of the Bay Area.
    Ron Miguel — Resident of Potrero Hill and former Planning Commissioner.
    Shawn Patten — Small Business Owner of Red’s Java House.
    Alice Rogers — Resident of South Park and Treasurer of South Beach, Rincon,
    Mission Bay Neighborhood Association.
    Cristina Rubke — Disability advocate and Board Member of SF Municipal Transportation Agency.
    Sunny Schwartz — Resident of SoMa and community advocacy consultant.
    Mimi Silbert — President of Delancey Street Foundation and Headmaster at Life Learning Academy.
    Dan Nguyen-Tan — Bicycle, pedestrian, transportation, and small business advocate for Public Bikes located in South Park.
    Jamie Whitaker — Resident of Rincon Hill and blogger for Rincon Hill.

  2. Just one from 501 Beale.
    Basically zero details have been released so far…so there really is not an opinion yet.
    Right now it’s ‘wait and see.’
    There is so much unknown, for example, what are the other retail commercial uses of 30-32. And what is proposed for SWL 330.
    [Editor’s Note: SWL 330 is the parking lot behind the Watermark above.]

  3. Two comments that would be good to get floated tonight:
    More mixed retail, stores like Small Foods on 2nd Street are final proving that something other than just formula stores work.
    Play space for kids 3-8, younger kids are served by passable park at Pier 40, something for kids in the 3-8 category would be great to get incorporated into the design early to avoid another Pier 36 missed opportunity.

  4. Can U Spell R U B B E R S T A M P
    I smell several voter initiatives lurking around the corner….Uhmmmm….130 foot tall… view blocking…multi use… entertainment venue on a historic resource…operating 200-300 days-nights a year….loss of 1000 off street parking spaces with no replacement parking….Muni overload!!! OMG!!!
    2017 move in date….The pain…..the horror….the pain….of development in SF…

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