368 Vallejo

Purchased for $272,000 in 1998, the one-bedroom single-family home on a 657 square foot lot at 368 Vallejo has since been Dwell-ified and graced the pages of said publication.

368 Vallejo Interior

Now measuring 900 square feet over two levels with a rather lovely rear patio and modern finishes throughout, the Telegraph Hill home is back on the market and asking $999,000.

368 Vallejo Kitchen

And while only 900 square feet, it’s living much larger and luxuriously.

368 Vallejo Bath

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Michael

    Love, love, love it! Great use of space and light. If there were a parking space this would be mine.

  2. Posted by lol

    Oddly enough street parking is not too tough in this area. This block has a lot of turn-over. Plus there’s no street cleaning switcheroo to do.

  3. Posted by Lance

    This is quite small, but it’s a nice use of space. It would be a great spot for a single person, but the price is about $100K too rich IMO. It’ll be interesting to see what it sells for.

  4. Posted by redseca2

    Beautiful, but it has the unique ability to make this look spacious:

  5. Posted by sf

    Garages are so tacky.
    $1,111 a square foot?
    Both this and the Shrader house are awesome houses. I think I would prefer the weather at this location.

  6. Posted by JG

    I toured this house as part of the AIA September House Tours. It’s really an amazing space and a testament of good, thoughtful design. LOVE!

  7. Posted by hk

    It is interesting to me that some of you conciser 900 sf only enough space for 1 or 2 people.
    I live in a 950 SF 2-bedroom duplex with my husband and son (2 1/2 people right now). We feel our place is very spacious for all of us. Light, views and the layout really make the space feel open and airy.
    If we had listened to some people on this site we would have ended up with 300 sf for the (non-existent) car and 900sf per person for the place for a total of 2,550 sf! Who can afford that in SF?

  8. Posted by 94114U

    Its super cute but I’d rather live in my 1600 sf condo (with parking) in the Castro.

  9. Posted by lol

    hk, only one car?
    How wide is this building? Less than 15ft, maybe 12ft?
    Very creative solutions.

  10. Posted by Oneroomshort

    One Room short – No living room room other than a daybed type couch for $1 million!! Only in S. F.

  11. Posted by lolcat_94123

    lol@that asking. Never gonna happen.

  12. Posted by Brahma (incensed renter)

    Even though I don’t personally like dwell-ified aesthetics, I think they did a great job with this place. But the basic problem is what lolcat_94123 alludes to: it’s a 1 bd/1 ba asking just under a million dollars.
    For comparison, if you look at the MLS right now, you’ll find 41 listing(s) for 1/1’s in D8, all of which look to be apartments, the least expensive of which is a fractional ownership unit at Fairmont Heritage Place. A few others are age-restricted for the elderly. There’s several TICs and assorted condos of varied age. The most expensive is for a co-op at 1333 Jones Street asking $850k, but there are several luxury units with much better finishes than this place at lower asking price points (albeit with HOAs).
    So this seller is asking for at least a 17.5% premium to capture the fact that this is a SFH (townhouse, really).
    Don’t think it’s going to happen. Maybe if they’d bought the place next door (to the left of the above picture) and used that to create a garage it would be within the scope of reasonable.

  13. Posted by guppy

    Too close to Broadway for my taste but I do love Telegraph Hill. I would respectfully disagree that parking is easy in this hood. Try parking on a weekend when all the bridge and tunnel riff raff are in town. Plus there are no garages in the immediate vicinity……unless you want to walk up the hill from broadway after you park. Who knows though?? Lots of people seem to have more money than brains these days. And they just LOVE paying taxes to support bankrupt pension funds.

  14. Posted by lol

    ^^^ too close to Broadway?
    Have you ever tried to go from Broadway to Vallejo? Believe me the Broadway crowd is way too lazy to climb that block of Montgomery. The same goes for the climb up Vallejo. In one block, the landscape changes dramatically.
    But you do see some lucky few corporate-type pedestrians doing their 10-minute walking commute to the FiDi.

  15. Posted by apropos

    Am I correct in seeing that the only refrigerator/freezers are small under counter units?

  16. Posted by 94114

    Is this really 900 square feet?

  17. Posted by Sunnyvale Steve

    >>”there are no garages in the immediate vicinity”
    on the contrary, there’s a large garage half a block down the hill, at Sansome, which is where the owner would likely choose to park. Agree that they’ve done a good job with what they have to work with, but it looks claustrophobic and I seriously doubt the claim that it’s really “living much larger” than 900 sf. As Oneroomshort points out, there’s almost no living space. I also don’t get some of the decorating decisions that have added clutter to this postage stamp. Why have 8 dining chairs when there’s a perfectly good bench against the wall for those rare times when you actually have dinner for 8? Why the dust magnet curtain between the home office and bedroom? Not heavy enough to dampen sound or light. It seems mainly symbolic of more rooms. Also don’t care for the curtain hiding the clutterama bedroom closet – but then I’m not a curtain person.
    In the end you have to wonder at the decision to put this kind of money into a place that can be charming but never truly elegant. Reminds me of the well-dressed court dwarves Velazquez painted.

  18. Posted by GoodBuyBadTimes

    “Try parking on a weekend when all the bridge and tunnel riff raff are in town.”
    @guppy – Wait a minute, I resemble that remark! 🙂
    I always BART in on weekends but even if I drove I wouldn’t be looking for parking anywhere in this neighborhood, nor would any of my neighbors I suspect.
    BTW, call us names if you will but some of us used to live in SF and now live on the far side of that tunnel precisely because we prefer to avoid days like yesterday when the sun never appeared in the City.

  19. Posted by GoodBuyBadTimes

    “So this seller is asking for at least a 17.5% premium to capture the fact that this is a SFH (townhouse, really).”
    Completely worth it in my book, based on actual experience — I live in a true townhouse with mirror image units on each side. I hear my neighbor on the left pound up and down the stairs right next to mine all day, and my neighbor on the right draw her bath water each night. Oh the joys of condo living!

  20. Posted by EM

    It’s really nice, finishes are high-end and I love the private outdoor space. Definitely a niche buyer, but it will sell. It’s a really central location, 10 mins walk to FiDi and another 5-10 to SOMA. 5-10 mins to the Bay Bridge and a 5-10 min trip down the Embarcadero to get on 280 South. Tel Hill is a great location for commuters but it has a rep for being inconvenient, which I find strange. I love a block from this place, now I want to get in to see it!!!

  21. Posted by Stucco_Sux

    The thing is 3 feet wide, people. I swear this town has Stockholm syndrom with square footage.
    A million bucks for a closet is insulting. No matter how stylish the closet.
    Sincerely, 2001.

  22. Posted by Sunnyvale Steve

    Dwell article here tells the tale of trying to get this project past the neighbors. Answering a frequent question in these comments, the place is 9.5 feet wide.
    [Editor’s Note: The Story Behind The Modern Little Dwelling At 368 Vallejo.]

  23. Posted by anon94123

    This took six years to get completed, mostly because of the neighbors!?!? As one long time resident told me after finally deciding to sell his house in Pacific Heights and live full time in the vacation residence up in the Napa area, “San Francisco would be a great city if it were not for the people who live there”. (He and his partner lost a four year battle to change the rear of their home and to add a roof deck mostly because of one neighbor).

  24. Posted by moz

    Put a bird on it!

  25. Posted by Mark F.

    I love it. Great job!

  26. Posted by SocketSite

    UPDATE: While Dwell reports the property is nine and a half feet wide, a plugged-in reader reports the house is 12 feet wide on the outside, approximately 11 feet on the inside. The reader’s qualifications, you ask? He lives there.

  27. Posted by lol

    I guess I had my guesstimate right then.

  28. Posted by 94114

    Sold for 960K.

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