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A plugged-in tipster reports with respect to 299 Valencia:

My friend just opened escrow on a unit there. The models aren’t even open to the public yet, elevator isn’t installed, lobby still under construction…just agents bringing clients in through a back staircase. Yet the building is almost 60% sold, according to the agent. The 4 BMRs aren’t even priced yet. They’re projecting the first closings for mid/late June.

Also noted by our tipster, “the building is called ‘299 Valencia’ but the address on deeds will actually be 380 14th Street. It’s going to be up to the Post Office if they’ll honor mail addressed to 299 Valencia.”

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by jerry

    I bet the new owners cant wait to gst asked wbat is in that big beautiful brick building out the window??

  2. Posted by Tim S.

    You can bet it’s well noted in the disclosure documents…

  3. Posted by Michael

    Surprised they’re doing tours if it’s still a construction zone.

  4. Posted by Jimmy (No Longer Bitter)

    It’s JUST SO UGLY, it defies description.

  5. Posted by ilivehere

    I think moving into the Armory has been the best thing that could have happened in the neighborhood. The building is cleaned up and it’s one less scary dead zone on the street. As far as I know there have been zero problems relative to the three elementary schools in very close proximity.

  6. Posted by hotmess99

    as a longtime resident of that block, i can say kink has been a great neighbor. wish i could say the same for valencia gardens.

  7. Posted by Martwriter

    I live around the corner from this building. I don’t care how UGLY anyone thinks it is. The new building is a far better sight than the old run-down used car lot full of junky cars and weathered sizes in semi-Spanish which had existed there since 10 days after the Creation. Good riddance and welcome to the neighborhood, no matter how unsightly others think you to be.

  8. Posted by gellan

    Now if we could just get the other blighted lots (@19th, 20th, etc.) along Valencia developed.

  9. Posted by futurist

    Good news that this project is selling out quickly. Great location, handsome building; not radical, not cheesy, but clean, fresh and modern.
    We need to see this scale and type of building, perhaps even 4-5 stories taller at some of the other vacant lots along Valencia.

  10. Posted by SFLooking

    I viewed the units as I also live around the corner. I actually just walked through as they only do it by appointments. The largest and most expensive unit is the one that the management company is using as an office and they indicated would not be available until later in the year. IMO that was a kind of foolish move. Another bad move is the slow timelines to get everything done and another is the lack of Open Houses. None of which seem to bother the onslaught of buyers. I am thrilled for the neighborhood this along with the 15th/South Van Ness, 1340 Natoma, and the 16th South Van Ness complexes we can really see some nice additions.

  11. Posted by jack

    Can you elaborate on the 1340 Natoma complexes? Thanks.

  12. Posted by lyqwyd

    Anybody know the prices they are asking?

  13. Posted by Brahma (incensed renter)

    lyqwyd, this is from climbSF’s blog; I don’t have any affiliation, not even as a client. I just saw this multiple times because that agency happens to be running ads all over the web for 299 Valencia:

    HOA Dues are looking very reasonable at $297.26-$404.08…It’s still early but pricing is looking extremely competitive. 1 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom are looking to begin in the mid $400,ooo range, 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom will be in the mid $500,000′s, and 2 Bedroom 2 Bathrooms will start in the mid $600,000 range.

    Hope that helps. If you visit that agent’s web site, keep your shaker of salt in easy reach. Good luck!

  14. Posted by lyqwyd

    Thanks Brahma! It’s nice to see some reasonable prices, even if some of the 1 bed units are on the small side.

  15. Posted by SFLooking

    Regarding 1340 Natoma, I pass it on my walks and there is a Meeting Notice now posted on the building. I don’t know the details but I knew it was for sale for a while. Maybe a developer’s special. Anything would be an improvement.

  16. Posted by the bill

    Agreed that has been a good neighbour, cleaning up the building and keeping it clean.
    The only wrinkle was when they kicked Ace Cafe out of their space, after Ace had dumped serious coin into fixing it up, as the kink ceo decided he wanted a bar of his own. I hate seeing a thriving business shuttered to appease someone’s ego.

  17. Posted by jack


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