Recorded San Francisco Q1 Home Sales (2004-2012)
Recorded first quarter home sales volume in San Francisco is up 7 percent versus 2011, up 50 percent versus 2009, down 32 percent versus 2004 and roughly even with 2008.
Recorded first quarter Bay Area home sales volume is up 11 percent versus 2011, up 15 percent versus 2009 (51 percent versus 2008), down 32 percent versus 2004.
What’s the difference between our counts and a recent Chronicle report? The Chronicle’s source doesn’t include condos which account for over half the home sales volume in San Francisco.
Recorded San Francisco Sales Up 11.3% In March (Year-Over-Year) [SocketSite]
Bay Area home sales off to best start since 2005 [SFGate]

2 thoughts on “San Francisco First Quarter Home Sales Volume: Back To 2008”
  1. Off the bottoms but much smaller increases than I would have expected from 2010/11 considering all the tech noise. Why didn’t the Chron include condos?

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