835 Jackson Proposed

Among the items on the agenda for San Francisco’s Land Use and Economic Development Committee this afternoon, a proposed ordinance amending San Francisco’s Planning Code and Zoning Map to create a Special Use District which would facilitate the development of the proposed Chinese Hospital Replacement Project at 835 Jackson.

4 thoughts on “Facilitating Development Of The Chinese Hospital Project”
  1. It looks cheap and ugly, and now we know that it probably violates local ordinances on setbacks and design guidelines. Why should this be allowed to go forward as is? It would not take that much work to improve the facade- just push it back a little off the street and add a nod or two to the local vernacular. I’m all for new hospital buildings, but not if they act like they don’t have to answer to anyone who isn’t a patient there.

  2. It’s Chinatown. The last thing it should be is “pushed back off the street”. If anything, it’s the arcade on the ground floor which goes against the local vernacular.

  3. Hideous. Please hire an architect who will actually try to make the exterior something other than vomit-inducing.

  4. As far as I read the revised ordinances, I find nothing that says the new building “probably violates local ordinances”. The Planning Code allows for adjustments and revisions, at every level of building type, when it is deemed appropriate to that particular application and location. I would concur with the changes.
    The arcade on the ground floor is an appropriate entry space for this type of building. It will contain benches and allow for waiting for taxis and drop-offs.
    As for “adding a nod or two” to the local vernacular, I would argue that the local vernacular is multi-faceted and full of variation. The hospital facade is designed to express a modern, efficient, state-of-the-art health care facility for the community. This is what the community and client desires.

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