Preliminary March labor force data counts for San Francisco, Marin and San Mateo counties pegs the unemployment rates at 8.1%, 7.0% and 7.5% respectively, unchanged in San Francisco, up 0.4 points in Marin and 0.2 in San Mateo.
On a revised basis, while the number of unemployed in San Francisco ticked up by 500 in March (from 37,700 to 38,200), the labor force increased by 2,600 (from 468,300 to 470,900) and the number of employed increased by 2,000 (from 430,600 to 432,600). Employment is up by 20,000 workers in San Francisco, year-over-year (YOY).
Overall unadjusted California unemployment increased to 11.5% as the labor force increased by 49,400 workers and the ranks of the unemployed increased by 19,300.
Monthly Labor Force Data for Counties: March 2012 (Preliminary) [EDD]
San Francisco County Employment Up By 2,100 In February [SocketSite]

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