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As proposed, the existing single-story building in which the Axis Café resides at 1150 16th Street will be razed and in its place a four-story building for production, distribution, and repair (PDR) will rise while a connected five-story, but shorter, building with 15 residential units over ground floor retail for restaurant use will rise on the gravel lot to the east.

The northwestern building (1201 8th Street) would be 68 feet tall and would contain 12,826 sf of production, distribution, and repair (PDR) space, divided into 15 units, on three levels above ground-floor retail (1,429 sf). The PDR building would have an off-street loading space on the first floor.

The southeastern building (1150 16th Street) would be 58 feet tall and would contain 15 residential units (20,277 sf) on four levels above ground-floor retail (5,056 sf) proposed for restaurant use.

Both buildings would share a common basement level with 14 residential parking spaces and eight commercial parking spaces, including one disabled-accessible space.

Click either of the proposed images to enlarge. And as the site currently appears:
Axis Cafe
1150 16th Street Residential-Retail-PDR Project Plan []

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Q

    Poor Axis Cafe. One of the few decent restaurants in the area for the CCA grad students.

  2. Posted by 48yo hipster

    Can PDR spaces be used as office space? How tightly is this regulated?

  3. Posted by Willow

    Axis Cafe was once a pretty cool spot. The food and service have unfortunately gone downhill. I really like this part of the city. On the surface it appears to be a ghost town but look a little closer and its really thriving.

  4. Posted by futurist

    As more and more housing enter this location, it will become more energized and welcoming. I love walking around here, especially how close you are to the end of the little canal that ends under the freeway. A real gem!

  5. Posted by bg

    so much empty, unused space out there… a shame they have to raze the one bit with a thriving business.
    Hopefully we don’t get stuck with a Starbucks/JambaJuice/PastaPomodoro combo 😛

  6. Posted by guest

    the area is a developers nighmare from an environmental aspect. Lead impacted fill, the old glidden paint factory, a historic tannery, major bulk oil storage plant. all within the area. Not insurmoutable but an added expense and much time in enviromental planning and characterization, not to mention possible remediation prior to, during and after construction

  7. Posted by alh

    More of the same old same old mediocre architecture. Looks just like half the other crappy new buildings in the area.

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