1945 Hyde

Following a two year approval process and failed appeal led by the Russian Hill Community Association to block development, permits have been pulled for the Ogrydziak/Prillinger led residential conversion of the two-story garage at 1945 Hyde Street.

1945 Hyde Rendering

The project will yield 7 new housing units over ground floor commercial and 17 parking spaces, all unbundled from the dwelling units and with one space for car share.

And according to a plugged-in tipster, they’re about to start (re)construction.

9 thoughts on “Conversion Of 1945 Hyde Street Set To Get Started”
  1. Glad to hear this is going forward. The developer is doing everything right on this one and will hopefully be rewarded.

  2. I use the garage for parking frequently – mostly when I have dinner at Zarzuela or visit friends in the area. But, if SF is going to truely move to a “transit first” policy, it needs to convert some of the parking garages to housing and this building is ideal for conversion. This just makes great sense.

  3. I live nearby. I wonder what kind of commercial?
    Office? Store? Restaurant? We already have three
    great restaurants in that area: Frascati, Luella, and
    Zarzuela. Anything but a Starbucks!

  4. The parking spaces will be sold independent of the units such that someone that doesn’t own a unit could buy a space?

  5. Did anyone else read the EIR on this project? It featured a photo of Jack Kerouac, his wife, and his lover Neal Cassady standing in the alley by a window in this building, labeled something like “Jack Kerouac, his wife, and Neal Cassady living in flagrante delicto in an apartment across the street…”. Of course, that industrial steel sash had to be preserved. And why is it the historical preservation crazies aren’t taken seriously?

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