1170 Sacramento #15A Living
It’s not (yet) official inventory, but 1170 Sacramento #15A which was redesigned by Orlando Diaz-Azcuy with white Japanese crystallized glass floor tiles, white lacquered wood wall panels and highly polished Japanese steel is on the market for $3,200,000.
1170 Sacramento #15A Kitchen
While the condo was redesigned as an “ethereal” white space one-bedroom, there is a deeded studio in the building for guests or staff as well (click floor plan to enlarge).

And yes, two car parking (and monthly HOA’s of $3,025) to boot.
∙ Listing: 1170 Sacramento #15A (2/2.5) – $3,100,000 [sfproperties.com]

34 thoughts on “An Ethereal Orlando Diaz-Azcuy Designed $3.2M One Bedroom”
  1. This is totally worth the price. I hear it comes with all the art and furniture, two white Bentleys, a blonde Swedish cleaning lady and a lifetime supply of bleach.

  2. Made the mistake of installing a white tile floor … never again. Spent more time on my knees scrubbing the floors.

  3. Seems kinda high for a one bedroom. Is the second bedroom a maid’s room located elsewhere in the building?
    The views might be better than suggested by the photos.

  4. Ridiculous. I don’t know who is sillier; the person responsible for designing a kitchen straight out of THX 1138, or the person who would consider paying anywhere near asking for this.

  5. wow, and I typically lean towards minimal white space but this place is just pure cheese, all that chrome and shine, and horrible white tile. this architect Orlando Diaz-Azcuy is a straight up clown, who would hire this guy with crap like this in his portfolio.

  6. This place doesn’t suit me but I do like the kitchen that screams VIVA LA FRANCE! Continuing the SciFi theme, I can see a pair of white unitard clothed cooks whipping up high cuisine. Hold the Burgundy.

  7. No one needed to hire him – this was designed as Orlando’s pad of the moment/3D portfolio. He and everyone in his office are required to wear white smocks. I am sure no dirty shoe ever graced these floors.

  8. This just isn’t serious. Made me think of the apartments that the characters lived in during the first reel of the Michael Bay movie The Island.
    Unit #14B has been on the market for a bit and is only asking $2,150,000 or 1,096 per ft.² with HOA dues of $2884 monthly. And lest you think that the HOA is so high because there are a comparatively small number of units in the building, there are 71 units at 1170 Sacramento. Must be the staffing.

  9. Where does that second bedroom fit in? Same floor, different entrance? I am confused by the plans and didn’t see anything when I quickly glanced at the web site.
    [Editor’s Note: It’s on the ground floor reached by way of a gated entry off Sproule Lane.]

  10. No way this sells for that price. This unit is featured in one of Diane Dorrans Saeks and in various other publications… but the price is nuts.
    Also, if you love the decor, but don’t want to pay ODA bucks for it, you can recreate pretty much the same look with cheaper, knock-off pieces from Wisteria.com…

  11. I’m pretty sure Orlando is not an architect, by legal definition. He is an interior designer.
    Big diff.

  12. I would really love to know the subtle qualities of what makes japanese steel so special.
    is japanese steel the new japanese (kobe) beef?

  13. I guess futurist’s comment was aimed at mikey woodz. From Interior Design magazine, last ‘graph (take note of the picture):

    The Cuban born Orlando Diaz-Azcuy earned a degree in Architecture from Catholic University in Washington, D.C., a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture, and a Masters Degree in City and Regional Planning, both from the University of California, Berkeley.

    Emphasis mine. Doesn’t say that he has a license to practice architecture, so I’d assume, like futurist, that he doesn’t.
    He may be “a clown” (his tastes run far from my own, but I respect the quality of his work) he obviously isn’t short of clients since he’s running offices on both coasts and keeping them so busy they don’t have time to update the corporate web site.

  14. Orlando Diaz-Azcuy may not have a current California architecture license today, but he was a principal at Gensler Associates here in San Francisco from the mid 1970’s to the mid 1980’s. He may well have had a California license at that time. But he made principal in one of hte world’s largest design firms over 35 years ago.
    Licenses only work in the state or country you ar elicensed in. With the type of client and project he does, in many different states and countries, whether or not he keeps a California license in his name is not really important.

  15. I recall I crossed paths professionally with Orlando Diaz-Azcuy when he did some consulting design work for SOM on the restoration of the Sheraton Palace Hotel.
    This was 1988-1992. His studio and I believe residence were on Maiden Lane. I always assumed he had the only residential parking garage on Maiden Lane and the only private set of keys to the gates that close it off. I my mind’s eye it was a Rolls.

  16. I heard French albino people were touring the place.
    Lame, I know. But the “I guess I could bleach the cats.” from redseca2 was already done.

  17. Like I said “in the legal sense”.
    Not that I have to prove it to anyone, but yes, I am quite licensed in the state of CA to practice architecture.
    But in full disclosure, I have never liked Orlando’s work; IMO he’s a decorator/interior designer.

  18. This reminds me of modern ‘classical’ academic music. Conceptually interesting, but in practice nothing you’d ever want to listen to for more than 4 seconds.
    Do the HOAs include access to a time machine to go back and meet with a new age psychotherapist from the 70s?
    I also think I saw a large bottle of white superfood supplement pills in the kitchen. That’s good, as it doesn’t appear one is allowed to actually cook in this unit.

  19. I could perfectly see these rooms flipping upside down after dark for a thorough high pressure bleach wash like the automated johns we now see around town. Always remember to protect all your personal non-white belongings (if any) into the appropriate compartments before 11:15PM. Woooosshhh.

  20. Orlando was once a great modern architect…before he went all foofy and interior decoratorish. If you could find some old Gensler marketing materials…you would see. Gensler at the time pretty much only did interiors…they essentially invented the term “interior architect” and they only did modern.

  21. dch – justbrowsing – couldn’t agree more. I see plastic tarps and a chrome axe ala American Psycho. Perhaps, with influences from Tony Montana?

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