940 Grove Addition Demo
As a tipster captured last week, the demo of the non-historic addition behind the mansion at 940 Grove Street has begun in order to clear the way for the three new houses to rise at 802-808 Steiner, down the street from San Francisco’s historic Postcard Row.
802-808 Setiner: Revised Rendering
As the block recently looked before:
802-808 Steiner Existing
And yes, the three new house will have views.
940 Grove Addition Demo (www.SocketSite.com)
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6 thoughts on “Clearing The Way For Postcard Row 2.0”
  1. Nice. Soon enough tourists will be able to use the full spectrum of their camera lenses, even do some neat panoramas instead of the closely cropped frame of today’s postcards.

  2. Great! I walk up to Alamo Square frequently during lunch breaks and always found those units to be an absolute eyesore. I do wish they could build in the style of the other units and not with the contemporary look envisioned in the pictures, but what is planned is an improvement over what was there.

  3. Wow. The SF victoria style was nothing other than an imitation of English stucco buldings built around the 19th century (go to Pimlico) which were themselves scaled-down city versions of country mansions with neo-classical touches (around Regent’s Park, for instance) which were themselves lifted off the 18th century monumental neo-classical style, etc, etc…
    Were you guys born in the 19th century you’d have found these wonderful victorians vulgar, ostentatious and unoriginal (they were almost the norm everywhere among the American provincial wannabe bourgeoisie). People want open space, views, comfort. They can afford it while accommodating the will to keep a visual unity. It’s all for the best. We are very lucky something is actually built!

  4. Couldn’t they trompe l’oiel a lot more to get that visual unity. What they got now looks half- to 3/4- assed. Doesn’t matter what the heritage of the style really is if it’s what today’s public nostalgia demands.

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