254 Granite Chief Road Night
Perhaps we simply can’t help but be drawn to images of Squaw with a decent dumping of snow, reminisce of seasons past, and keep our fingers crossed for the future. Regardless, we do have a crush on the Strawn.Sierralta designed house at 254 Granite Chief Road.
254 Granite Chief Road Living
Finished on the first of January, 2010, the five-bedroom property is now being rented for an advertised $5,000 a night in the winter or $2,500 a night in the summer.
254 Granite Chief Road Ski Room
We’ll let you negotiate which season it should be considered right now.
The “Ski House At Squaw” (254 Granite Chief Road) []
Strawn.Sierralta: Ski On Home []

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by gh

    2010-11 ski season photos!

  2. Posted by mikey woodz

    For 35k a week the bloody gondola better come into my bedroom and pick me up….packed with snowbunnies

  3. Posted by BobN

    For 35K a week shouldn’t the gondola just drop off the snowbunnies?

  4. Posted by EH

    Judging from its location you get 95% on both points.

  5. Posted by FormerAptBroker

    The ad says:
    > The winter rate is $5000 a night, with
    > a one week minimum.
    > For your stay you will have use of
    > our 4×4 GMC Sierra truck with studded
    > tires and 4 chains, to ensure access
    > to the house during big snow storms.
    For $35K you can “buy” a nice used GMC Sierra 4×4 and still have enough left to “rent” a nice cabin in the valley for a week…

  6. Posted by elbee

    Who puts an (almost) flat roof at a ski area? During last year’s 810 inches it probably cost $35k/wk just to shovel it.

  7. Posted by ryan

    that’s why you got those big honking trusses and a heated roof t to melt the snow off

  8. Posted by Dont get it

    Fabulous. Anyone else have a hankering to see Notorious again, or is it just me

  9. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    I’ll bet the price tag is mostly imaginary so renters who end up paying a “reduced” $3K per day feel like they are getting a deal.
    Interesting that they chose to create the appearance of continuity of the ceiling/soffit wood indoors/outdoors in that last photo. That will be difficult to retain matching colors considering the extreme differences in the environment that the indoor and outdoor regions will be exposed to.
    Awesome looking place. Not worth the price though.

  10. Posted by Igloo

    How much was the all in cost for this beast?

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