As we wrote last month:

Speaking of around the corner from a Bi-Rite, having been redecorated and remodeled a bit since purchased for $1,695,000 in August of 2008, the 2,350 square foot Dolores Heights home at 3769 20th Street has returned to the market listed for $1,849,000.

While not perfectly apples-to-apples, we’ll call it close enough for horseshoes, at least with respect to the property as the neighborhood has remodeled a bit since 2008 as well.

The sale of 3769 20th Street has closed escrow with a reported contract price of $1,750,000. Call it 5.4 percent under asking but 3.2 percent over 2008.
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5 thoughts on “An Apple A Day: Dolores Heights 2008 To 2012”
  1. Not really too surprising. It’s a pleasant home and the previous owners made some tweaks that helped it along. Buying smart helped here. The agent did a decent job pricing this one as well. New owners feel like they got discount and the sellers got a little premium on their purchase price.

  2. Telling on the momentum east of Dolores as well. Folks still leary of buying up east of Valencia but want to be within walking distance of shops, restaurants, and really sunny warm weather (comparatively speaking). Guerrero and Dolores are pretty busy streets. If you walk those east/west streets from 19th-24th west of valencia (Liberty, Hill, etc) there are not very many SFH’s with garage space. Mostly duplexes. Not surprised by this price.

  3. Agree.I;m a Noe owner – but for all the Mission vs Noe stuff spouted on here whats missed is that Dolores Heights is,l I think, a better area than them both.
    Good to see some sales returning to over and above the pre 2008 financial crisis values, as well…

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