1507 Noe
Purchased for $785,000 in 2006, plans to raise the 1,050 square foot home at 1507 Noe Street to create a garage and add two stories were approved in 2009. And today, a modern 1507 Noe has returned to the market with 3,400 square feet and listed for $2,750,000.
The “modern and sleek finishes” include limestone, marble, various woods (including Danish Douglas Fir and walnut), and plenty of glass from which to see (and be seen).
1507 Noe Shower
Speaking of which, will we see you at the housewarming?
∙ Listing:1507 Noe Street (4/3.5) 3,400 sqft – $2,750,000 [Vanguard]

38 thoughts on “Say Hello To Your Little Friend (In The Shower) At 1507 Noe”
  1. Well, it looks really nicely done.
    Which begs the question: why is it being marketed on the ghastly Redfin? At $2.75m, shouldn’t this property be able to stretch to its own site, with more than 12 photos?
    Which in turn begs the question, if there are only 12 photos (including a close-up of a bathroom basin), what are we not seeing…?

  2. will there come a time when people want privacy in the bathroom or shower? Perhaps I’m old fashioned and think that a little privacy when I am grooming or defecating might just be a little more pleasant than being an exhibitionist. And how about your partner who may want to sleep just a little bit longer? I guess it would cost more to add some doors.

  3. Why the disconnect between the exterior design and interior design? Are buyers as bored as I am by the 2003 DWELL interior look? It looks like the outside was trying to be in the language of Ernest Coxhead (but in a modern way), while the interior chose to do what every back issue of DWELL was showing before my hair started turning grey.

  4. ^Who cares about it’s own site? What I see in the photos communicates that there is a spacious new construction property on the market that I can go see if I’m interested in that location.
    Everyone who is looking to buy is on redfin every day. It’s well priced, well located, and is going to sell quickly. The private website might make the owner feel better, but the buyers really don’t need it.
    Except for the cheesy music you can ad to your own web site. That really helps sell houses.

  5. The shower looks like fun if you are “coke and diet coke” supermodel but could you imagine waking up to Chris Christie using that thing? Ugh, my eyes!

  6. Nice place, will sell over asking IMO. and the stupid dwell comments are getting tiresome, first off dwell usually does low budget cost-saving work, and this is far from that

  7. am i missing something with that shower? are there only 2 hand held shower heads? nothing up high. i would be super annoyed to have to shower using a wand, especially at that price. Good luck keping that glass clean too. a huge misstep IMO. That said, i do like the house and think that it is well built.

  8. Yes, major showerhead fail. This looks designed with wheelchairs and/or porn films in mind rather than more typical lifestyles.

  9. Should sell fast. This is actively listed on the MLS via Vanguard, however, Redfin links provide more information and their links do not go dead after a few days so they work much better for posterity.

  10. I’m sure some will like it, but the inside doesn’t live up to how lovely the outside looks.
    They don’t go together at all.

  11. Well at least you will get plenty of exercise to help you keep in shape by having to walk a hundred yards from one end of the kitchen to the other…

  12. I don’t see why everyone is saying this is well priced and will go quick and/or over asking. I don’t see it. I think this place is more like the 662 29th street place which came out over what it was worth and is now down from that a bunch.
    4 bedrooms spread out on 3 floors. Tiny yard. In a hilly spot but without great views (maybe they just aren’t pictured yet).
    It should get plenty of money, but $2.75M seems like a bit much. That said, I hope they get overasking with a bunch of offers today.

  13. I think most of us find our partners (if we have them) somewhat attractive and therefore the shower is sexy. very sexy. i’d happily watch my better half lathering up every morning 🙂 the home looks striking and well constructed with better than average finishes.

  14. Pretty cool – lots of space. Perfect for a family I suppose but $2.5m w/out ocean/gg bridge views doesn’t sound appealing. But again, not going to get anywhere near this much space in D7.
    The shower is cool – assuming there’s a rain showerhead on the ceiling somewhere. All glass showers are the best, as long as you’re good about squeegee’ing.

  15. $2.5M w/o either of those views happens in Noe all the time. Downtown is the good shot from Noe. Lack of view and in the flats seems to work in Noe, so does near 24th street.

  16. Awesome house. Awesome renovation with top quality materials and details. Great location, about a block from where I live. 2 blocks down to the J line and quick hop on 280 for points south.
    East views are pretty nice. Predict it will sell over and quickly.

  17. as long as you’re good about squeegee’ing
    I love all the glass, but the furry household members would have nose prints everywhere within a matter of days.

  18. Re: Squeegeeing. I’m lazy and a bad housekeeper. My next house is not going to have any glass showers, at least until I can afford a live-in maid.

  19. Eddy, if the place is in fact in escrow, why are the sellers still publicizing it?
    With respect to what “reasonableperson” above wrote at Feb 23, 1:42 PM, from BlockShopper.com’s John Ferri yesterday, published in the San Francisco Chronicle, Renowned architect create “dream home for a kindred spirit” [sic],

    “I did, a couple of times, reconsider some of the very unique design elements, like the voyeuristic master shower,” he said.

    “But in the end, I decided the elements would hopefully be appreciated by a future owner who might be a kindred spirit.”

    According to the piece, the designer/owner is a corporate architect who decided to move to London, which explains the “6 year hold and a 3 year renovation” that “R” mentioned.

  20. My comment was in response to this:
    “I swear, you can tell these Vanguard Properties gut jobs & flips every single time. So obvious.
    Posted by: movingback at February 23, 2012 12:58 PM”
    I was trying to point out that it was not a flip. Apparently not as obvious as movingback thought.

  21. For whatever reason the editor will not post links to Redfin on a consistent basis despite the fact that it has the best publicly available information and the most consistent links, but if you do a search you will clearly see that there is a sale pending on this property. Probably that article had been prewritten for marketing purposes and it’s hard to stop the presses sometimes.
    Feel free to click the name link if you would like to see the information for yourself, and with your own eyes, so that in fact, you can confirm that this is in escrow.

  22. 1566 Sanchez sold for $2.8M, which is 405K over asking. “Over asking, over shmasking” and all that. But Sanchez street houses in the flats have never done that well for various reasons. So I’m surprised at the result to say the least.

  23. ^^^ well, some people want the flats because you can walk to 24th as opposed to climb down to 24th… because you have to climb back up.
    I guess they do not care about the “shopping cart line” or maybe haven’t realized its presence yet.

  24. No doubt about it. But the fact is that nothing in the flats of Sanchez has come close to this result previously. It had to have been $~900 a foot.

  25. Not too far when it’s flat. Plus you can simply skip to Church Street and make it a very pleasant stroll. Try a chocolate fondant at La Boulange as a gratification for the humongous 6 block walk.

  26. And…back on the market at $3.599mm as of today. Nice $650k gain (before expenses, taxes etc) for only holding 6 months. Perhaps the first sign of the 1% fleeing the reach of Prop 30 and the upcoming Democratic supermajority?

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