Just listed for $2,350,000 or $1,207 per square foot, the list price for 425 1st Street #5204 isn’t exactly cheap. But having been purchased for $2,916,000, it is 19.4 percent ($566,000) cheaper for the One Rincon Hill three-bedroom today than in August of 2008.

19 thoughts on “Still Not Cheap (But Half A Million Cheaper Than In 2008)”
  1. Wait, is that wall-to-wall carpet in the living room? For $1200/sf? Kitchen and baths are also quite prosaic. The views are stunning – I guess they assume you’ll be stunned into not noticing the rest of the place. Would love to see a floorplan. Seems that they had a lot to work with but didn’t do much with it.

  2. This one is owned by a dentist and 785 Cole, the subject of the thread a bit below this one, is owned by a different dentist.
    Coincidence or the start of a trend? Did some dental investment adviser finally tell their clients it was time to throw in the towel on SF real estate?

  3. I love this site. Out of curiosity, and because I am in the market to purchase and I’ve noticed that not all info is readily given by RE agents, how does one look up prior loan/financing on a property? I can dig up permits and sales history, but it may be nice to know about the financing that was used. Thanks for any help. The comment about the dentists prompted my question btw.

  4. I lived in One Rincon for a year and hated almost every minute of it. What a crappy place! Yes the views were nice. But everything is crammed into a small footprint that is barely liveable and my apartment was noisy with terrible ventilation. I found the management team to be painful too. Still way overpriced. For that kind of money I would suggest the Millennium which I hear is better although I’ve never stayed there.

  5. what a complete joke. when you see the photo on top you’d think the living room was spacious. but click on the listing website and you’ll see how tiny and claustrophobic it really is

  6. Yes that’s the magic of a fisheye lens combined with postprocessing. The clue that you’re being snookered into thinking that the room is bigger than it is would be the coffee table in the foreground that appears to be tilted at a steep angle towards the viewer.

  7. I have friends who lived there and were very disappointed for the reasons described above. You can buy a pretty nice mansion in other parts of the bay area for $2.4 million.

  8. I’m not going to comment on the price but I think the floor plan makes sense. It’s functional and there’s really no wasted space. I do agree that the living/dining room is on the smaller side considering the entire unit is almost 2000 SF but you could remove the wall of bedroom two if you wanted something on a larger scale.

  9. After 378 days on the market asking 19.4% less than its August 2008 purchase price, the listing for 425 1st Street #5204 was withdrawn from the MLS today without a reported sale.

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