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As we wrote about 123 Laidley in September:

Listed for $1,700,000 in late 2008 before being withdrawn from the market and offered for rent at $5,550 per month in 2009, the Jeremy Kotas re-designed home at 123 Laidley has just returned to the market listed for $1,499,000 with possession at close of escrow.

The Glen Park property was purchased from Kotas for $1,042,500 in 2003.

The sale of 123 Laidley closed escrow last week with a reported contract price of $1,450,000.
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3 thoughts on “Looking Out Over San Francisco And 2011 From 123 Laidley”
  1. Yes, great result. Hey, something has to be at the top of the curve! This part of Laidley has some really great homes. If the tenants paid %5,500/mo, they certainly got a deal over the last couple years vs. buying the place.
    Not a perfect “apple” as there was a solar energy system installed in 2004 (and some minor termite work). But with that, the 2003 buyers still outpaced inflation by 1-2% a year. Not bad for the top of the curve but a far cry from the fantastic RE returns of yore. Now, if they had only sold in 2007 . . .

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