Proposed Rincon Point Yacht Births Revised

Having received comments from 34 public agencies, 41 non-governmental organizations, 115 individuals, and 1 email form letter submitted by 300 people, the Planning Department has just released over 1,000 pages of responses and revisions to the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the 34th America’s Cup (AC34).

The Dolphin Swimming and Boating Club and the South End Rowing Club are opposed to the use of Aquatic Park for AC34. Some question whether the EIR can even be completed in the timeframe required by the Host Agreement. And yes, the yacht marina slated for Rincon Point still raises some hackles despite already being downsized as rendered above.

Certification of the EIR is slated for December 15, the meeting should be a marathon.

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8 thoughts on “Comments, Responses And Revisions To The America’s Cup Draft EIR”
  1. The original mega-yacht marina proposal was such an obvious and effective ruse:
    If the current scheme was proposed at the beginning, it would have been shouted down. The original proposal makes the current one seem reasonable, but is really not much different: The most conspicuous gathering of 1-percenters on earth will still be blocking the 99%’s views from public open space.
    But hey, that’s what it means to hand over water-front development rights. So suck-it-up if you want AC34 in SF.

  2. I’d much rather have this clear water view protected for the long term than an ephemeral event plus the loss of the basin forever. The AC is a boondoggle to get the city to fork over valuable rights for nothing much in return.

  3. Rubber_chicken, you’re right, and that’s the problem. I *didn’t* want AC34 in SF, and I *didn’t* want the last remaining un-(under?)-developed land in the city being handed to one of the world’s richest men, all as an exclamation point on an outgoing mayor’s tenure.

  4. lol,
    Actually, I was thinking of St. Trop, but couldn’t find the pic that you did. What’s worse is that more people will see this excess in San Francisco; in St. Tropez, most of SFthe people who see it are already rich.

  5. I’d rather see mega-yachts on the bay than a giant homeless encampment at Justin Herman plaza by a factor of about infinity to one.

  6. anon, I am with you with the homeless or quasi-homeless situation overall.
    6th street feels like a giant toilet, I know every underpass in town will have a few salty characters, and as most SFers I have learned to hold my breath while walking fast past a shopping cart. Always take the wind into consideration 😉 I am also tired of crazy people endangering others like a cyclist Friday at 4PM who blocked Mission and 4th cursing and waving and flipping every car driver including meter maids for at least 3 blocks. Loonies should be treated, not left on their own.
    I do not fully follow you on the Occupy movement (agreed some are piggybacking that might make the movement look bad) because if we tolerate an extremist “don’t tax my Millions and drown the Guvment” Tea Party, we have to tolerate the other end of the spectrum.
    It’s all about balance. San Francisco would become very boring without its working class or its artists who barely get by today. The City would be yet another theme park community where people would obsess with appearances and not so much about substance.

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