A pair of emails forwarded from a plugged-in tipster reveals that the owner of the Armory, who was leading the charge against the development of 49 Julian, had made an all cash offer for the property and was seeking “to move forward ASAP with escrow, in order to avoid any additional work having to be done for the [Historic Preservation Committee] and Planning Commission hearings.”

Following the offer to acquire the entire property, and despite continuing to publicly oppose the project, the owner of the Armory then proposed “to pre-purchase units on the top two floors [of 49 Julian]” in order to “assist [the developer in] financing and remove a certain amount of risk of house price fluctuations from [the developer’s] plate.”

Once again, following a few modifications, the project appears to be headed for approval this week. And as far as we know, all offers from the owner of the Armory to purchase the property in part or in whole have since been withdrawn.

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