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As we first reported last month:

As proposed, the vacant single-story warehouse at 49 Julian Avenue would be razed and a five story, 50-foot-tall building with eight two-bedroom residential units over at-grade parking for eight vehicles would rise adjacent to the Armory.

Opposing the project as proposed, the owner of said Armory who acquired the building in 2006 for the primary purpose of film production for Kink.com. The argument against:

This development raises 3 issues which are of concern to the preservation of the Armory, and to the ongoing restoration efforts. Each of these issues would be partially mitigated by requiring the developers to adhere to [new zoning limits which would limit the project to 45 feet].

1. Loss of light: Light will be lost to south facing, historically and architecturally significant Drill Court windows.

2. Obfuscation of curved roof: The signature curved roof will no longer be continuously visible from the exterior.

3. Incompatible adjacent Use: The proposed development places housing 4 feet from the Drill Court, where Armory Studios has pemitted work in progress to restore a place of legal assembly, with maximum occupancy 4080 persons.

In response to comments by San Francisco’s Historic Preservation Committee, the Project Sponsor has since removed a nine-foot high stair enclosure to roof and sloped the roof line of the required exit stair in an effort to reduce shadows on the adjacent Armory Building Drill Court windows and moved the fourth and fifth floor walls two feet to allow more light and create a wider separation between the Armory and the proposed project.

49 Julian Context

On Wednesday, the Historic Preservation Committee will have a chance to comment on the revised project before it heads to San Francisco’s Planning Commission on Thursday with the Planning Department’s recommendation for approval.

49 Julian Rendering

7 thoughts on “Working Out The Kinks To Build Eight Homes At 49 Julian”
  1. As the previous article stated, the Armory was decided to be a siginificant architectural gem. That significance should not be obscured. This proposed project should be three floors or not be allowed to continue. Sell the property to the adjacent owner for open space/parking and call it a day.

  2. Nice little development but still seems out of place next to the huge Armory, especially how it shades the windows of the drill court. Whatever, not the end of the world.
    Lots of activity in the neighborhood, would be great to see some postings about what’s to come just adjacent to this property, along 15th between Julian & Mission, as well as down the block at 14th & Valencia.

  3. So do I get a unit because my name is Julian?! In return for such a gesture, I’d be happy to lend on the project.
    See what you can do for me Adam! (hope all is well sir, great work as usual)

  4. That’s hilarious, I’ve been inside that ‘drill court’ and the windows barely let light in at all – they’re filthy.

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