2513 Pacific Avnenue

Originally designed by Frederick Hamilton in 1890 to be his residence, beyond the façade, there’s a good chance Hamilton wouldn’t recognize the “Queen Anne Meets…21st Century” home at 2513 Pacific Avenue following a down to the systems renovation and redo.

2513 Pacific Kitchen

The four level home (click floor plans below to enlarge) now sports modern amenities within, a modern garden behind, and a much more modern $6,995,000 price tag having been purchased for $3,425,000 in 2006 in a much less modern state.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by eddy

    Stunning. Wish they would put in the sqft into the listing. This will be gone before 12/1. The NIMBY project down the street will be watching this one closely.

  2. Posted by eddy

    Upon closer inspection, and without SqFt, it’s hard to tell here. The rooms and layout are a little choppy considering this went through a full seismic upgrade. Considering the Washington St house off Fillmore sold for $5.5 and over 1k psf I’d say this is much better located, $7M might be a little high, but maybe not. Hedging a little here on the 12/1 comment. It will sell quick though.

  3. Posted by Denis

    You can see some of the original pictures here:
    I almost made an offer on this place back in 05. It was for sale for months and went through several price reductions. I recall it being small, cramped and extremely chopped up. I think the pictures do a great job of making the place look larger than it actually is since it doesn’t look like they were able to increase the overall envelope of the home. This was a Ryan Assoc. job as well, so it’s a top-notch, high end job that probably ended up costing the sellers 3-4 million.
    Yes, it’ll sell quickly, but personally I think it’s insanely expensive.. I’m not sure I’d pay 7 million for a south side home… Even on this A+++ block.

  4. Posted by Michael Wolfe

    Love the house, love the location. But $7M for a non-view, medium-sized, house with a small yard may be tough.

  5. Posted by Kazee

    small rooms, large price tag
    for $7M I better be able to throw a crazy party for 50+ people, however 50+ would be cramped here imho
    I do like that 3rd floor though, a lot of style and character on that level.
    You are buying the neighborhood and paying for the remodel.

  6. Posted by wc1

    Beautifully done. Fresh and modern yet sympathetic to the period.
    Although if I were gutting a place like that and starting from scratch, I wouldn’t put my master bedroom at the front facing the street.

  7. Posted by fancy rental

    the house is fantastic. it has everything but a view and the yard is a little tight.
    3960 sf per property records. doesn’t look like they added any sf during the remodel so that’s probably close. so $1770 psf.
    kind of aggressive but it would only take one buyer to fall in love to get their price and this house could do that.

  8. Posted by SJNative

    Am I the only one who thinks the distance from the formal and informal dining areas to the kitchen is too many steps? And the two secondary bedrooms are not en-suite nor nearby the hall bath?
    That said, stunning home.

  9. Posted by R

    What do the stairs in the back yard say?

  10. Posted by Morgan

    Would love to know who the architect and/or interior designer was. If the furniture was “staged”, would love to know who did this work as well. Nice Job and Good Luck!

  11. Posted by Mark F.

    Beautiful, but seems way overpriced.

  12. Posted by Agent415

    Eddy, Denis, etc. – The property on 2507 Pacific is already sold.
    This is a very nice home – but not at the same level as 2507. As you suspected, it’s considerably smaller and tighter (approx 2000 sq ft smaller). Where as the Toboni project was built from scratch for the wealthy Pac Hts family with basically all the boxes checked (it was phenomenal, saw it) , this is a remodel. A blend of old and new, but very well done. Suspect it will go fast as well.
    [Editor’s Note: With respect to 2507 Pacific (and to which we’ve moved related comments): A Peek Inside The Top To Bottom Renovation Of 2507 Pacific Avenue.]

  13. Posted by Denis

    Thank you for the info about 2507! I wish I could’ve seen the interior. Damn… Someone invite me to the housewarming?
    I’m a broken record here, but 2513 is a REALLY cramped home and if you overlay the floor plans, you can see that very little changed.

  14. Posted by eddy

    @kaya, lots of place in NYC sell for 1500+/psf. All with no view.

  15. Posted by nonanon

    @eddy, lots of places sell in vegas for under $50/psf, but we’re not vegas and we’re not nyc.

  16. Posted by eddy

    Even NYC wasn’t what it was today in terms of real estate values just 15-20 years ago. But slowly and surely every square foot of real estate and condos were bought up and spec’d out to extremely high standards. Parking lots built upon into condos. Sound familiar. Just peruse the first few pages on SS; you have 2 pacific heights remodels and the kinky condo parking lot conversion.
    The same things that drove those NYC valuations and housing trends are happening here. I know probably 100 people who lived / rented in NYC in the late 90s and 2000+ who simply could not understand what was driving up rents and real estate. Sure, prices have dipped a bit like they have here, but not to below those once attainable levels. Are those prices coming back? 1% doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s a big number when you concentrate them all in a few big cities.
    Lot’s of stories like this one:
    Projecting 30% increases in population; all driving massive investments in infrastructure (Transbay, Bay Bridge, GG/doyle drive).
    Those gold coast properties are slowly being pickup by families with muti-generational wealth and much like a coveted Park Facing condo or TH on CPW; these homes are not coming back on the market anytime soon. And if so, only to the select few that can afford them.
    Anyway, I’m not saying SF is NYC. What I’m saying is that there is precedent for extremely high values for homes with no view. Homes with Park or Water views in NYC can be 3k/psf.
    Here is one that doesn’t look to be much larger than 1500-1600 sq/ft going for $5.2M and +3500/mo in fees and taxes; and pray the coop board approves you.
    This condo was probably $1.5 15 years ago

  17. Posted by Anon

    A great family floorplan in regards to bedrooms HOWEVER no large family room off the kitchen for kids to stay under a parent’s watchful eye. Where do you spread out the legos? Unfortunate. Perhaps $5,750,000?

  18. Posted by Fishchum

    Anon, what are you talking about? There’s a “family room” right off the kitchen. The kitchen also opens up to the back patio so the kiddies can play outside when the weather is nice.

  19. Posted by fancy rental

    guys, the live-in nanny will be keeping an eye on the kids while the owner tests out recipes for coq au vin in the kitchen. what do you think that tiny ground floor bathroom/bedroom combo right next to the laundry and boiler is a guest suite?

  20. Posted by eddy

    Hmmm. I predicted gone by 12/1; but it didn’t think it would be “Withdrawn”. Inquiring minds want to know.

  21. Posted by eddy

    There is a construction sign out front of this place for a few weeks now. Interesting.

  22. Posted by HappyRenter

    Back on the market.

  23. Posted by eddy

    Looks like they seriously reconfigured the kitchen space. Much nicer.

  24. Posted by Denis

    Add open kitchen/family room space and they will buy.. in contract

  25. Posted by eddy

    No kidding. Meanwhile 469 Seacliff goes straight to In-Escrow Firm; coincidentally on the same day that 130 Seacliff comes on the market. Surprised 738 El Camino Del Mar hasn’t sold yet. Seems the whole of that area is turning over.

  26. Posted by SocketSite

    The sale of 2513 Pacific closed escrow on Friday with a reported contract price of $7,007,000.

  27. Posted by eddy

    This is a pretty amazing outcome. These South side street sales are crazy.

  28. Posted by johnny

    what South side street sales are so amazing?

  29. Posted by eddy

    This one.
    2507 Pacific
    2465 Pacific
    2799 Pacific (Pending)
    Little to no views and top of market outcomes.

  30. Posted by johnny

    you should distinguish between “top of market outcomes” versus at asking
    there is a difference

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