849 Sanchez

Having sold for $3,200,000 ($1,032 per square foot) this past March having been purchased for $3,400,000 ($1,096 per square) in 2008, the Streamline Moderne 3,100 square foot property at 849 Sanchez has returned to the market listed for $3,300,000.

849 Sanchez Kitchen

And if a plugged-in reader is correct, the poster child Moderne home has returned to the market without any new wear or tear.

∙ Listing: 849 Sanchez (4/3.5) – $3,300,000 [849sanchezstreet.com]
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22 thoughts on “Seven Months Later And The Streamline Moderne On Sanchez Returns”
  1. For those who might want some Streamline Moderne for less, you might check out the East Bay burbs. This one comes in at $290/sq.ft.

  2. I understood the Ed.’s reference to “no new wear and tear” to mean that the seller never moved in. Sounds like a job move (or a job non-move).

  3. Can someone explain the pricing strategy to me? Did they add the extra $100,000 to pay property taxes, their realtor or to test the market. Or is it that it’s midway between the 2008 and 2011 prices?

  4. They actually did do some work: a June permit to,

  5. Buyers were husband and wife and very established in SF. They currently own a condo on a high floor at a prestigious building in SF.
    SF Court records don’t show a divorce.
    Records appear to show that he’s late 40s, she’s mid 30s. Based on all of the publicly available information, I assume (but don’t know) that they had a change in plans regarding their need for more space, and will leave it at that.

  6. @Oceangoer – I am fairly certain the pricing strategy is based on recouping some costs. $24,750 in transfer tax and $165,000 on commission (although I wouldn’t be totally surprised if that been slightly negotiated down).
    As tempting as it is to price based on a rough graph of where the market is overall or yoy performance percentages, it really doesn’t work that way. Those metrics can serve as a helpful guide, but the reality the market doesn’t move quite like that. Depends heavily on what is happening in the market that month, that week, that day. A property may be brought on with no comparable competition and threee well qualified groups of buyers ideal for the property, or two months later with three similar listings and one buyer who has time and choices.

  7. Another odd thing: yesterday’s open house was canceled. Just a hand written sign on the door saying it was canceled.

  8. Agent415 wrote:
    > tipster… you’re a total creeper. Ewww.
    Are we to assume that Agent415 has never done a Google search on anyone?

  9. EB: that is a great house. wow.
    Lark: on the stair — do you know if sanxhez had an original railing like the Berkeley? If they didn’t, then you cant fault them too much. some of the orignal railings from the period were simple cast iron boring.
    railing code will never let you put that Berk. railing up again in SF. We tried something like that. no dice. we were able to make it interesting by keeping curves of the metal, but it is not cheap at all to do those curves.

  10. 949 Sanchez is no 2300 Le Conte. This house is just a 1940s spec house remuddled in the 2000s to try to give it some architectural character. I guess the good news is Socketsite readers are hungry for architectural character, as meager as it may be in this one.

  11. This place still hasn’t sold. 62 DOM for the latest listing, although the place has basically been for sale for more than six months.
    The 2008 buyers lost somewhere in the neighborhood of $400k on the 2011 sale, and it looks like the 2011 buyers will have to eat a similar loss.
    I thought prices were up over last year? Must be a lousy neighborhood or house I guess.

  12. It stinks being a bear these days. The would-be sellers of 849 Sanchez apparently couldn’t find a greater fool to buy it at $50k under what they paid in 2011, so they withdrew it after trying to sell for basically a full year. Can’t even indulge in any real schadenfreude over how much they lost, just a smile that they’re still stuck with it.

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