San Francisco PSB Rendering: East

The ground has officially been broken for San Francisco’s new Public Safety Building (PSB) down in Mission Bay. A replacement facility for the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) Headquarters and Southern District Police Station currently located at 850 Bryant, the PSB will also contain a fire station to serve the burgeoning neighborhood.

San Francisco PSB Rendering: South

The total budget for the building is $243 million and it’s expected to be open in early 2014. And yes, that’s the old firehouse at 1300 Third Street around which the PSB will wrap.

San Francisco PSB Rendering Detail

11 thoughts on “SF’s New Public Safety Building Officially Breaks Ground On Third”
  1. Even further from the crime in this jurisdiction, maybe it should be in Antioch, where the cops live. Nice view and proximity to baseball games, tho.

  2. I’m guessing this means the old Bryant HQ site will then be redeveloped. Though it isn’t that old of a building it is quite purpose-built and not easily configured for new occupants.

  3. It seems like there should be more room for expansion. If this building is successful, then a few years or decades on there will probably be need of more capacity. The Bryant facility had to be expanded once and was still popping at the seams by the end.

  4. So does this mean the glamor slammer stays put? And what of the courts..bail bonds, hotdog vendor…donut shops. I see an opportunity for a sprouting industry of trailer park bail bonds offices.

  5. @ EH: The Madrone and Radiance are the only TWO market-rate buildings in the Mission Bay South development. There will be several all-rental buildings and “affordable housing” buildings here. So . . . you don’t think this area will be even close to all glitz and glamour, do you?
    P.S. Anyone check out the Madrone yet? I see MLS listings posted. I drove by, but it’s only the shell. I know the sales office is already open.

  6. “Here” is all of Mission Bay South. “Several” is all the other residential buildings that are not market-rate buildings, more than three.

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