2440 Valljeo

As we first wrote last month:

Built in 1921 but smartly updated since, and having last traded for $3,950,000 in 2002 when the Hearsts sold the property to the Marcia Lucas Living Trust, 2440 Vallejo has returned to the market asking $4,750,000 for the five bedroom home.

The sale of 2440 Vallejo closed escrow today with a reported contract price of $5,250,000.

8 thoughts on “The Force Was Strong With This One”
  1. Cool! I initially said asking, but there were multiple offers on this place. I hate repeating this, but this is something very few agents could pull off. Malin’s team is in a league of its own.

  2. “smartly updated?” Sounds somewhat biased. Does the site get a kickback when it promotes a listing?
    [Editor’s Note: As always, we call it like we see it. And no, we’ve never taken any kickbacks or other consideration for featuring a property (and despite having been offered).]

  3. “Sold for more than I expected, but 7% over 2000 prices is about right for top-notch places.”
    Posted by: A.T. at June 27, 2011 3:31 PM

  4. Oh good lord, Denis… lol
    I have long thought you may be associated with Malin, and this just put it over the edge. They have plenty of withdrawn and expired listings – like everyone else. It’s a volume game.
    Dial it down a little.. Max, or Bob, or Monica.

  5. Lol! I still don’t know why people think I’m an agent in disguise… This is my real name and I’m barely qualified to work at Starbucks. The editor is more than welcome to stop by my house and vouch for my identity.
    Yes, I definitely have a tendency to talk up some of the top agents because they get results in this neighborhood more often than not. Obviously, not all of Malin’s listings sell (she hasn’t moved either unit in 2288 Broadway), and some sell at massive discounts (260 Green), but I think she did a good job garnering a lot of interest in this place and it sold for 500k over-asking… In the previous thread, I said that this place was soft marketed and shown regularly last year by other top agents with no sale – although I don’t know at what price.

  6. “still don’t know why people think I’m an agent in disguise… I’m barely qualified to work at Starbucks.”
    of course, the above would describe most agents so you remain under suspicion.
    nonetheless, I like this one – but jeezus at 5m?

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