2440 Valljeo: Kitchen

Built in 1921 but smartly updated since, and having last traded for $3,950,000 in 2002 when the Hearsts sold the property to the Marcia Lucas Living Trust, 2440 Vallejo has returned to the market asking $4,750,000 for the five bedroom home.

2440 Valljeo Floor Plan

∙ Listing: 2440 Vallejo (5/3.5) – $4,750,000 [MLS]

19 thoughts on “In A San Francisco Neighborhood Not So Far Away…”
  1. I like how the “tradesman’s hall” leads to the back yard, where there is no street access. I guess when you sell a house for millions you need to give your rooms fancy names, even when they make no sense.

  2. Some really nice draftsmanship and design in this home. I’ll let the market decide the price on this home for I don’t wish to venture a guess on this place. I’d have to see it in person first before taking a shot at the price.

  3. This home was soft-marketed last year with a different agent. I’d heard rumors that it had already sold- apparently not. The interior looks quite nice and it’s staged well, but it’s got a fairly quirky facade. I’m still a big fan of this block. It may not have the views of the blocks east and (farther) west, but practically every home and condo building is immaculately maintained and the street trees are well taken care of. 2400 is really the only major fixer and it’s for sale as well. The previous owners of 2440 had two tiny, yappy dogs that I definitely will not miss. Since it’s a Malin listing, I’ll say that it sells for asking.

  4. “Since it’s a Malin listing, I’ll say that it sells for asking.”
    And that it already sold 3 days ago? 🙂

  5. This house has some history. A quote from a 1977 book Recycling Buildings – Renovations, Remodelings, Restorations and Reuses by McGraw-Hill. “A two story garage and ballroom structure adjacent to a large San Francisco house has been remodeled and enlarged into a three story urban residence.”
    The floor plan from that remodel is virtually unchanged from then to day including the great room book shelves. The master bedroom, closets and bathroom are the only major remodel. The kitchen was redone before the 2002 sale. Not sure about that stair railing?
    The “large House” mentioned above is the shingled one on the east side built in 1896 and is shown in a House and Garden Remodeling Spring guide Magazine in 1969 with a picture showing a stucco house with the ballroom/garage wing.
    Short sale History, may not be complete:
    Remodeled 1976/77 for the Stanley Waldmans
    11/92 a price reduction, Asking $1,695,000 and the 2002 sale of $3,950,000

  6. “Since it is Malin’s listing, I’ll say that it sells for asking.”
    Not so for 2542 Fillmore….just sayin’

  7. We are new to SF real estate but were surprised about the lack of closets in any bedroom other than the master and the poor quality of certain details – like hollow doors,etc. Also, is it typical not to have any venting in the kitchen above the stovetop? Maybe I’m just being picky but at this price point, shouldn’t it all work well? Also, sorry to be dense, but, what do the comments about the agent mean?

  8. @Billybob: Malin is an agent for ultra high-end real estate. Essentially, the comments imply she could sell shi!t to flies.

  9. Arthur McLaughlin and crew staged/designed this property. I saw his famous red truck coming and going the last two weeks around the neighborhood. Rumor has it that Malin & Arthur make a great team when selling homes, so my neighbors say.

  10. I am not getting the subject of this post. While a beautiful home in pacific heights, how does it make the “neighborhood” feeling any closer?
    I will say as a licensed real estate agent – I am loving the properties marketing page.

  11. It’s a play on Star Wars…In a galaxy far, far away…which is appropriate for the seller who is/was connected to George Lucas.

  12. And why does someone think they are hollow doors? All that the photos show is that they are flat panel doors. Given the quality of the design and materials, highly unlikely they would be hollow. They could be solid core doors, or even solid wood doors.

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