One Kearny Street
Comcast Ventures, a $750 million fund focusing on “early to late-stage businesses that represent the next generation of entertainment, communications and digital technology,” has just inked a lease for 9,338 square feet on the tenth floor of One Kearny Street, relocating the division from Comcast’s headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

5 thoughts on “Comcast Ventures Lands At The Corner Of Kearny And Market”
  1. Ah yes, Kearny and Market – the new Sand Hill Road. Worked on that block in the early 90’s. It was a dump then as well…

  2. I’ve been in the Herman Miller showroom on the 9th floor of that building. Phenomenal views of Market St, the Sheraton Palace, and down 3rd St, tons of light coming through three sides of the building, and a very fun walk to the edge of the concrete slab along the window wall facing east (annex). The renovation/rehabilitation/new construction project did an excellent job combining three buildings (one 1902, one Charles Moore, and new construction) into a contiguous office building. Resolving the existing historic and Charles Moore exteriors with the new construction was never going to be easy, and the final outcome is just as architecturally juxtaposed as the historic bldg. with the Moore annex. No matter, once you’re inside and on the upper floors, the views enjoyed makes you forget the building envelope.

  3. Good news.
    The exterior renovations/addition facing Market and Geary are solid…but the 70s addition (with entrance facing Kearny) was never rehabed, it looks lousy. Not sure why developer left this huge hunk of the overall building untouched. It could use some serious upgrade.

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