1209 Filbert

As we first reported yesterday, the sale of 1209 Filbert has closed escrow with a rather “lucky” contract price of $6,888,000. Call it $1,188 per square foot for the newly constructed 5,800 square foot LEED Platinum home in Russian Hill with a few big views.

1209 Filbert View

4 thoughts on “1209 Filbert: LEED Platinum At $1,188 Per <strike>Ounce</strike> Square Foot”
  1. mmm site value.
    there’s a certain bench not far away that has this view. I like thinking I’m sitting on a $4M bench when I’m there, eating my Swensen’s.

  2. “lucky” out of town buyers…most certainly will be used as bench mark comp for other sellers looking to hit home runs.

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