381 Teresita Boulevard.
Sure, 381 Teresita could use some updating. But it looks perfectly livable until you can. And it is a District 4 single-family four-bedroom for under four hundred a square foot.
And as an aside, and while it might be a cool feature, if you happen to have a hidden escape, panic or storage room in your house, don’t post pictures of it on the web.
381 Teresita Boulevard Hidden
Well, at least not if it’s a feature for which remaining hidden in the future is a selling point.
∙ Listing: 381 Teresita Boulevard (4/2) 2,016 sqft – $775,000 [MLS]

5 thoughts on “The Power Of Four(s) And A Friendly Reminder”
  1. Assuming that it is, in fact a panic room, I’d always wondered at what price point the paranoia and/or crime fears of the wealthy would kick in and dictate that such a feature would be a selling point. Never thought it’d be under $1M. Now I know.

  2. A nice house in a good neighborhood for under $400/sq.ft., and only one comment? Miraloma gets no love on Socketsite! Looks like my ‘hood is becoming more of a buyers’ market.

  3. “Miraloma gets no love on Socketsite!”
    Miraloma has gotten a ton of love on SocketSite in the past. Although admittedly that was when someone trying to flip a place and was talking it up. This place needs a bit of work, especially when the configuration is 3/1 + lower level in-law. Why is that fridge so far away?

  4. The sale of 381 Teresita Blvd closed escrow today with a reported contract price of $743,450 ($369 per square foot for the single-family Miraloma Park home).

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