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According to a plugged-in reader and a construction worker on site, the first Fresh & Easy in San Francisco should open its doors in the Outer Richmond the second week in May at the corner of Clement and 32nd Avenue.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by conifer

    Formula retail! Where is Kathrin when we need her?

  2. Posted by fogfan

    I still don’t understand why Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s didn’t take this location. There’s plenty of parking and they would have had a huge potential market on that side of the city. Very confused.

  3. Posted by 94114

    Or why Trader Joe’s did not go for the old Cala on South Van Ness? Very close to 24th Street.

  4. Posted by kthnxybe

    Heh, a construction worker told me a couple of months ago that it would open in *March*.

  5. Posted by cvs

    I hope this CVS doesn’t get picketed like the one on Van Ness and Pacific.

  6. Posted by MH for Movoto

    Is it just me or does this look insufferably SoCal? Weird. But i hope it does whatever great things people are hoping it’ll do.

  7. Posted by bill henderson

    san francisco doesnt like chain stores and will fight to keep them out no matter how many jobs it will bring or its convience.- unless its a yuppie trader joes or whole foods and than they can get any place they want.

  8. Posted by gellan

    MH for Movoto –
    It looked even more so before they removed the palm trees.

  9. Posted by sfrenegade

    I’m sorry, Bill Henderson, but do you know anything about the recent history of Trader Joe’s in SF? The NIMBYs have fought to keep it out.

  10. Posted by VancoverJones

    Sprawl is as sprawl does.

  11. Posted by jaybee

    I recall one of the workers at the old Albertsons telling me that there was some sort of union attachment to the property that required only union-staffed stores to be allowed to take over the lease. Trader Joes is non-union.
    Feel free to correct me if i’m wrong — just passing on what an employee told me.

  12. Posted by lol

    yuppie trader joes
    Between rip off Safeway’s, Gotta be joking Mollie’s and Whaadaheck Whole Food’s, affordable quality TJ’s seems refreshingly welcome.

  13. Posted by noearch

    Love TJ’s. Love WF.

  14. Posted by rdl

    Personally, I don’t like “Fresh & Easy”…it’s a European concept and I don’t think it’ll take hold here. It’s in So. Cal and it isn’t that popular. I’d rather see Trader Joe’s than Fresh & Easy.

  15. Posted by Dan

    “.it’s a European concept”
    Trader Joe’s is owned by a German trust.

  16. Posted by CSK

    “Trader Joe’s is owned by a German trust.”
    Indeed it is…but the store’s origins and concept are very much an American original.

  17. Posted by sfrenegade

    “Indeed it is…but the store’s origins and concept are very much an American original. ”
    But not its supply chain.

  18. Posted by John

    I’m slightly intrigued by rdl’s comment that Fresh & Easy is different than American grocery stores. Can someone explain the differences, or do I have to wait and see?

  19. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    John – I don’t know about whether this makes it “European” but the main differences between F&E and typical USA grocery supermarkets are :
    all self checkout
    factory packed meats and veg
    limited selection
    higher than normal ratio of British imports
    free coffee

  20. Posted by sfrenegade

    Two of those items fit Trader Joe’s to some extent:
    factory packed meats and veg
    limited selection
    A third that Milkshake didn’t mention is the focus on semi-prepared foods that are easier to cook, which also applies to Trader Joe’s.

  21. Posted by 94114

    Fresh & Easy feels like a Soviet version of Trader Joe’s. The shelves are less packed with items and the items, themselves are of a lower quality. If you think TJ’s has mostly packaged items, you haven’t been to a Fresh & Easy.

  22. Posted by GoodBuyBadTimes

    “. . . the items, themselves are of a lower quality.”
    Quality is at least somewhat subjective. I’ve been very pleased with the quality of everything I’ve purchased at Fresh & Easy. Have shopped them for some time in Palm Springs and welcome them to the Bay Area. I’ll continue to shop Trader’s primarily but Fresh & Easy will cut into my spend at Whole Wallet. Competition is great for consumers!

  23. Posted by anon

    Do you think this opening helps or hurts real estate values in nearby sea cliff, particularly those homes just north of california?

  24. Posted by brid

    Have been to two F&E’s in the last few weeks (WC and Pacifica) and they have been really busy.
    Extremely good value compared to TJ’s, more limited veg selection but good enough for all but the most ardent foodies.

  25. Posted by Dan

    Has anyone else heard that a Fresh & Easy may be coming to somewhere in District 5? I heard rumors of them trying to open in the Castro across from safeway.

  26. Posted by FreshNEasyBuzz

    FYI: The 32nd & Clement Fresh & Easy store isn’t going to open the second week in May.

  27. Posted by Dan Hines

    The Fresh & Easy Buzz blog has a post that says the 32nd & Clement Fresh & Easy store will open on June 22

  28. Posted by brankin

    I simply cannot wait for this store to open. I am obsessing over it. I moved back up here from So. Cal in January and miss the heck out of this place. Food is great, prices are awesome! And they are all squeaky clean with friendly staff. I know it’s so “unSanFrancisco”- I mean who wants to save money on good food and good service anyway???

  29. Posted by brankin

    And if you go to their website and sign up for emails you will receive a $10 of $50 coupon or often a $6 off $30 coupon. Can’t beat it.

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