A plugged-in reader reports: “I live at Avalon Towers (388 Beale Street) and learned yesterday that they had been sold to UDR (or should I say swapped with other properties). Great news the place is in bad shape and been run down for months (Avalon seems to have checked out months ago).”

AvalonBay Exchanges Properties With UDR in $263 Million Deal [businessweek.com]

2 thoughts on “Avalon Towers By The Bay (388 Beale) No Longer Owned By Avalon”
  1. Avalon Towers was never very nice. I lived there for a year, unfortunately. It was overpriced, the building is ugly, and the layouts inside are all impossible, trapezoidal and triangle shaped rooms. The hot tub never worked, two bikes were stolen from the “secure” parking garage, etc., etc. Plus with all the development in the area, many of the views are practically gone. I’ve been to three Avalon properties and all were disappointing. Definitely not a luxury brand.

  2. My experience living in the building in ’07 & ’08 was quite different from jada’s. The building was clean and quiet and the concierge staff very friendly and helpful. My 2 BR was quite spacious (1200 sf) with a large kitchen (by SF apt standards)plenty of storage, and a very workable layout. The building is ugly though, and I hope the new owners take down that faded tired banner wrapped around the top.

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