It’s not yet listed and its website is still coming soon, but we have the inside scoop on the music video that’s been produced to showcase 457 Oak Street #1.
Purchased for $425,000 in October 2008, the one-bedroom TIC is returning to the market asking $429,000 with a new gas line run to the kitchen and to which a gas range with convection oven is now attached.
Consider the market (and background music) bar officially raised.
∙ Coming Soon: 457 Oak Street #1 (1/1) – $429,000 (TIC) []

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by eco+historical

    I’m not in the market for a 1BR unit, but that video was, to get caught up in the California vernacular, AWESOME!!!
    Boy would I love something like that for the historic homes to which I do green rehabs. What tremendous emotion it infuses into the concept of living in that home and ‘hood.

  2. Posted by TripleB

    Oh, I would love to see a similar video for an apartment in the Tenderloin!

  3. Posted by sfrenegade

    Nice gimmick, but I don’t know if it will help. There’s no real hope of condo conversion here. The 2008 sale of $425K didn’t beat inflation relative to its 2004 sale of $400K ($456K in 2008 dollars and $469K in 2011 dollars). That hallway area isn’t really useful except for storage.

  4. Posted by PPC

    I admit it, I caught myself wildly dancing.

  5. Posted by Michael

    Really well done. Great job of capturing the Hayes Valley and unit vibe. Not in the market for a one-bedroom but made me want to take a look.

  6. Posted by John

    Is this specially commissioned music, or an appropriated pop song?

  7. Posted by meep

    wow.i want to be hipster after seeing that video : grow facial hair,wear tight jeans oversized sunglasses and ironic t-shirts.and live in williamsburg(hipster ground zero) or hayes valley

  8. Posted by jerry s.

    Love the video, great production value, who made it? I want to work with them.

  9. Posted by Ryan

    Outside the box selling at its best! Kudos to the broker for originality. I love the video.

  10. Posted by Nyeblah

    Nicely done on the video, I want to put a flower on my hair and skip along the rainy street of Hayes Valley right now.

  11. Posted by sanfrantim

    I like it too; tho skeptical that it helps sell the unit. Probably will generate foot traffic. In any event, they just upped the ante for RE marketing. Will this be a trend?

  12. Posted by dkzody

    Great video, great marketing concept. Great entertainment.

  13. Posted by lyqwyd

    yeah, I like the video and the music… sounds like pomplamoose… am I jaded because it makes me suspicious of the unit?

  14. Posted by Kurt Brown

    Well done. But the Aussie version makes this video seem like a quaint, slightly dimwitted 70’s love child.

  15. Posted by eddy

    Love the zipcar shot. Translation = no parking.
    Someone got a new 7D and MBP!

  16. Posted by J

    Looks like the same realtor uploaded a video for 570 Waller a year ago:
    At least the production quality of their work has improved! “Why not now?”

  17. Posted by runnz

    Ha, that is the greatest video in the dreadful history of Realtors!

  18. Posted by redseca2

    So, I haven’t been invited yet ’cause I’ve got these like really bad student loans, but like there is this kinda party in this warehouse where the DJ is like this cool broker and he invites these cool people who have prequalify and they play videos of cool places to live.

  19. Posted by Dan

    Wow, that video almost makes one forget that this is a 1 bd TIC on one of SF’s busiest streets.

  20. Posted by John

    I guess she’s actually kind of cool. Two years ago, she did one that’s a spoof of Reagan’s “Morning in America” pitch.
    The Aussie one take it up a notch. But, that’s a high end place.
    How can the one poster tell the model of camera used? I’m curious.

  21. Posted by hangemhi

    either i haven’t been to socketsite in a while, or there are a lot of friends of the realtor first time posters here.
    i do like the art and creativity, but i seriously question the utility of it to sell anything. shots of leaves, dog walker, blurred out bottom of a cabinet….. with about 15 total seconds of the actual unit. what’s the point other than to as a resume builder in another profession?

  22. Posted by A.T.

    Video made Hayes Valley look pretty great. Unfortunately, it made the unit out to be small, dark, and kinda nasty. Hopefully it is not so bad in the flesh.

  23. Posted by VancouverJones

    Great video. Is Hayes Valley really that cool? Is it a good neighborhood for kids?

  24. Posted by Kathleen

    Is the neighborhood good for kids? The koshland park has kids gardening programs as does the on ramp garden. You can walk to a lot of schools nearby. Lots of parks and playgrounds and schools. Note: I am the listing agent. Fro more imofrtion about the neighborhood please see our website and meighborhood map

  25. Posted by Soma

    Music needs moar cowbell (and handclaps).
    Seriously tho, i’m impressed with the production of this video. Not an AV expert, but is this tilt-shift video? It has a warm, cloudy effect that works well and give an exciting vision of the localle. Makes one want to visit the property in person. Props, Kathleen.

  26. Posted by SocketSite

    The sale of 457 Oak St #1 closed escrow yesterday with a reported contract price of $429,000.

  27. Posted by sanfrantim

    i guess the creative video ad helped.

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