Unfortunately it’s not an “apple” to be as the kitchen (and at least one bath) has been remodeled with a permitted estimate of at least $40,000 worth of new cabinets, counters and appliances since its purchase for $975,000 in 2006.
But the sale of 725 Hampshire will be another interesting data point on Hampshire having been priced at $959,000 and a little closer to market than was number 953.
∙ Listing: 725 Hampshire (3/2) 1,889 sqft – $959,000 [725hampshire.com] [MLS]
Well “Over Asking” At $478 Per Square Foot For 953 Hampshire [SocketSite]

11 thoughts on “Hot Or Not On Hampshire Continues With Number 725”
  1. Oh great, another nano-neighborhood marketing BS name. Do people other than realtors actually call it Media Gulch? I thought, if anything, that name belonged South of Market closer to Wired, not in the Mission.
    Even if this is a real name, McLeod seems to be trying to stretch the definition — can you really call it Media Gulch south of 19th? He also said that 954 Florida (between 21 and 22) was in Media Gulch in a PDF that will probably be taken down after I post this.

  2. The Wired one was Multimedia Gulch. I’d assume “Media Gulch” to be the area just east of around 17th/Kansas, though.

  3. Remodel, staging, patio, kitchen, all very tastefully done.
    Use of the word “gulch” in any context, however, is very difficult to do tastefully.

  4. Would somebody please bury those telephone poles on the street? My guess is getting this neighborhood to pay for it any time soon is not going to happen.

  5. This home looks to be nicely updated while other SFHs in the general area discussed on this site were not updated and went for (well) over my prediction, one even sold for above its 2007 price.
    So judging by the comps, $959k seems to be reasonable priced. Judging by the trend, over a hundred people will be at the open house, it will be sold in a couple weeks and the price will be over asking.
    I always consider this part of the city a hidden gem. Maybe it’s not so hidden anymore.

  6. Media Gulch is at least one block away from there. On the bird’s eye view loft conversions stand out dramatically from the cute houses and small multiple unit buildings nearby. There is no question this is the hospital curve area.

  7. I bet those realtors/actors on bravos million dollar listing would go with calling it media gulch. And those guys are cool. Just found out Josh is gay- not a surprise, given he was busy recently chopping pillows at an open house of his…

  8. Went to see this at the first open house Sunday 04/03. They already had 1 offer and were accepting back-ups.
    The 1,889 sq ft listed actually includes a 694sq ft illegal in-law made in the back of the garage – low ceilings, musty and claustrophic.
    The house ‘proper’ ie 1,195 sq ft with 2BR 1BA is nice but small.

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