845 Montgomery #C: Kitchen

In 2009 a list price of $1,095,000 didn’t attract a buyer, nor did its reduced price of $995,000, and a year ago it was withdrawn from the MLS. Today, 845 Montgomery #C is back on the market and listed for $1,029,000, the two-bedroom Jackson Square condo was purchased for $1,000,000 ($958 per square foot) in 2008.

And while the listing photos might not be quite so polished this time around, at least those for the neighborhood establishments are actually in the ‘hood versus a mile or so away.

No word on whether or not the “show to most select clients” line from the listing is code.

∙ Listing: 845 Montgomery Street #C (2/2) 1,044 sqft – $1,029,000 [MLS]

13 thoughts on “Closer To Home For 845 Montgomery #C”
  1. The current listing indicates that the unit has a parking spot, whereas the 2008 listing (for $1M)indicated that parking could be purchased for an additional fee. Query whether the $1M sales price in 2008 included the parking spot.

  2. “Show to most select clients”
    This area is littered with properties that either won’t sell (Telegraph Hill) or have sold for literally half-off (Jackson Square).
    What is this estate agent smoking?

  3. Either it’s bad photography or the place is really smallish and dark.
    Anyways, great location: central, historical, cultural. $825/sf with parking would seem fair, or 850K-875K tops.

  4. mmmm – great pictures, I’m sure the old iPhone the listing agent used dont have a flash – the pictures makes the place look dark. I would not agree that its a great location (except if your into hookers on the Broadway strip clubs and tourists at The Stinking Rose. Cool building but to close to dead and empty financial districts in the weekends to feel like a residential area.

  5. @lol
    The Jackson square condo that sold recently got something like $500 psf. What on earth would justify $825 on this place? This one doesn’t even have a view.
    My guess is that if it sells at all, it will be below $600 psf. That’s consistent with recent sales in the area.
    BTW, I really like the area. The changing of the guard up teh street at the strip club can be rather amusing. And w/Cotogna, Coi and Bocadillos nearby, it’s turning into a much more interesting place.

  6. This is a great area for cigar lovers…
    Also design shops, lawyers, antique dealers. The Broadway crossing does not matter too much there. I walked past it for 2 years at any time day/night back up to TH. A very desirable location for any professional. Much better than SOMA. More human scale area. And if you’re a Scientologist…

  7. Yep agree, but ONLY if your a Scientology cigar smoking lawyer that correct antiques (that likes getting 400 dollar BJ’s on Broadway)

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