845 Montgomery

It looks to be one of the first attempted resales at Jackson Square (845 Montgomery).

845 Montgomery #C: Kitchen

And while we can’t confirm the original purchase price, according to a tipster the current asking price for the two-bedroom 845 Montgomery #C ($1,095,000) is roughly ten percent higher than its April 2008 purchase.

That being said, keep in mind that two bedroom homes were listed “from $1,200,000” when the development first opened in 2007. No report of any difficulties keeping the side of that master tub clean.

UPDATE: As a couple of plugged-in readers quickly figured out, fourteen listing photos of parks, places and restaurants, the closest one of which is about a mile away despite a plethora of better restaurants within blocks of 845 Montgomery’s doors.

UPDATE: Assuming is correct, purchased for $1,000,000 on 4/15/2008.

∙ Listing: 845 Montgomery Street #C (2/2) – $1,095,000 [MLS]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Fishchum

    Does the listing agent even realize where this building is located? As I understand it, it’s basically in between North Beach and the Financial District. Yet included in the photos are places surrounding AT&T Park and South Park. How does that work?

  2. Posted by Robert D

    Whose brilliant idea to post pictures of retail on the Embarcadero in South Beach. Last time I checked Jackson Square’s boutiques, restaurants and shops are a draw themselves…..also, any idea of square footage. I remember walking through these and thinking that they were very cramped and small.

  3. Posted by Paul Hwang

    I suppose it would be a nice walk to the Ball Park and South Park (pics)from Jackson Square. But, Bix is a whole lot closer (especially when you are drunk).

  4. Posted by brad

    Uh, I work in South Park and Jackson Square seems pretty far away from here to me, so it’s interesting that all the businesses they show are either in South Park itself or even farther south. That lousy Sushi place way over on King Street is an amenity for Jackson Square?

  5. Posted by jlasf

    Does this win the award for the most incompetent listing of the year? Clearly, someone has no idea where this building is located. The benefit is that it’s walking distance to the Financial District, not the ballpark. It’s near the North Beach restaurants, not the South Park Cafe. Get a clue. (Actually, get a map.)

  6. Posted by condoshopper

    ok, now we can move on to why there’s a close up shot of the clothes washer.

  7. Posted by sunnyvalesteve

    I wonder if the clothes washer is in Jackson Square or South Park?

  8. Posted by jlasf

    condoshopper: They want to show that a W/D is located in the apartment. Now, if only they knew where to locate the building.

  9. Posted by Delancey

    Listing fail. In addition to the wrong photos, the listing copy also uses the dread clenched-teeth disemvoweling of real words. Mks u tlk lk ths.

  10. Posted by Fish

    Zero view but a nice location and finish. I’d consider paying up to $4000/mo. Listing agent, contact me if you are interested renting it out while it sits on the market for the next 2 years.

  11. Posted by calhousingbear

    Can i get some of the stuff the listing agent and owner are smoking? Listing with a price increase since April — please……
    As a buyer it deserves one word response “next”

  12. Posted by Tall Guy

    I almost bought [in] this place a year ago. My favorite SF condos are in this building. The quirky ‘real loft’ feel of the one loft unit in the bldg (forgot unit #, but its not C) was mine until I determined that the market would die. After almost a full year on the market, it sold for $200k or so less than asking, so sold for like 1.2ish, on an asking of 1.4ish. This unit here, unit C is quite different, smaller, low ceilings for me (6’4″) so felt clammed in. I do recall final on this thing around 1.0M, so I think is correct. It will sell for $920k. Parking is an issue in this building, some units don’t even have. If the ‘loft unit’ comes up, its all mine, so stay away!

  13. Posted by Tall Guy

    Oh, and the laundry dryer doesn’t have an external vent. You have to use one of those units that vents internally, making your whole place smell like wet clothes or fabric softener.

  14. Posted by BobN

    This has to be the first time a Quiznos has been featured in a real estate listing…

  15. Posted by eddy

    Hold on a second… A photo of Quiznos in the pics and they are only asking $1.1? These people are crazy. Calling my agent now… This place will be mine!

  16. Posted by deshard

    Okay, it’s petty, but an over-the-counter sink in the kitchen for $1.095m? Ick.

  17. Posted by Solis

    I was recently diagnosed with severe vertigo so I I’m going to assume that the placement of the range and hood makes perfect sense. I’m surprised the realtor didn’t include photos of the Presidio and Ocean Beach?
    [Editor’s Note: While perhaps unwittingly, bonus points for referencing vertigo.]

  18. Posted by RSVP

    I’d love to hear the listing agent explain why he chose those particular “neighborhood” photos.

  19. Posted by Ivana Katchokakoff

    “Hon, while you’re in the kitchen, can you grab a couple of wine glasses?” … “Sure Dear, but you’ll need to get me a ladder because I can’t reach those suckers high above the cabinet!” Oh, nevermind, let’s just grab a couple of beers at 21st Amendment instead.

  20. Posted by sfrenegade

    Does anyone else, when seeing cabinets that don’t touch the ceiling, think more Ikea than custom? Disaster to reach, disaster to clean, etc.
    On a similar note, are the finishes in this unit good? I saw complaints in the prior thread that the finishes in the building were terrible originally.

  21. Posted by gumby

    I’d love to hear the listing agent explain…
    The listing agent here was my buyer’s agent a few years ago. The blunder with the neighborhood photos here is embarrassing, but not surprising.

  22. Posted by Jack M

    Did you click on the agent’s name? His photo has him sitting between two dogs. I’m surprised he didn’t include a dog-park in his photos.

  23. Posted by JimBobJones

    “Did you click on the agent’s name? His photo has him sitting between two dogs.”
    This condo is a dog at this price, and so is the listing with its inapplicable photos, so not surprising. He clearly likes sitting between 2 dogs.

  24. Posted by Solis

    “Listing fail. In addition to the wrong photos, the listing copy also uses the dread clenched-teeth disemvoweling of real words. Mks u tlk lk ths.”
    That’s what habitual texting will do to you!
    And for the love of gawd, if you’re gonna name drop, it’s Artemide, not “artimide” (lighting), unless, of course, “artimide” is the Ikea knockoff.

  25. Posted by tipster (not the realtor)

    Hi everyone, I’m the listing agent, and I wanted to disclose why we think the photos of the surrounding areas are accurate.
    Based on our analysis of the price relative to comps in the area, and the rate of shift of the tectonic plates, by the time I actually sell this place for anywhere near the listing price, those pictured businesses will have shifted with the earth’s crust to the same area as this listing.
    So I think you can all agree that the photos of the surrounding businesses are accurate, or will be by the time we actually sell this place off.
    There will be an open house this weekend, and every other weekend through the end of the next millennium. Please stop by, as it’s lonely looking at the dumb skateboard collection that doesn’t even fit on the wall past the kitchen sink.

  26. Posted by Scooter

    I think I am in love with tipster (not the realtor). He’s on a roll over the past 24 hours.

  27. Posted by OneEyedMan

    Apparently the current owner has a square ass.

  28. Posted by Ivana Katchokakoff

    “Does anyone else, when seeing cabinets that don’t touch the ceiling, think more Ikea than custom? Disaster to reach, disaster to clean, etc.”
    No! I think more the customary silk ivy in wicker baskets and stenciling (aka “the devil’s grafiti”). But after looking at the photos of the kitchen, I do like the idea of using it to store my wine / margarita glasses and stainless steel measuring cups.

  29. Posted by OMG

    ROTFLMAO @: “Apparently the current owner has a square ass”!!!
    I was thinking the same thing! 😀

  30. Posted by Mole Man

    Methinks that toilet is a Duravit. Being square is part of what makes it so fantastically stylish and expensive. The whole place is nice, but the bathroom photos really stand out.

  31. Posted by vapor

    Quizno’s? Seriously? Or is the realtor trying to demonstrate the property is NOT near a mediocre-at-best chain restaurant?

  32. Posted by sfrenegade

    Maybe the realtor saw the Spongmonkeys ad too many times while high:
    He love da subs too.

  33. Posted by Rex

    Philip Stark must be Philippe Starck’s American counterpart.

  34. Posted by midcentfan

    Well at least MUNI stops right in front of this building. Oh wait.

  35. Posted by Rubicon

    He’s not just sitting between two dogs, he’s sitting with two Dalmations (sp?) and his tie features more Dalmations

  36. Posted by marketwatcher

    The interior looks like it was decorated by the same person who dressed the women in those Ambiance commercials…

  37. Posted by Alice

    Now listed at $995K, according to Redfin

  38. Posted by sunnyvalesteve
  39. Posted by tipster

    Sadly, this place never sold. But Unit G is just listed for $150K less than its 2008 price.

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