Four AC45’s were sailing about New Zealand’s Hauraki Gulf yesterday, a mini-preview of what’s in store for San Francisco’s Bay when the larger 72-foot hardwing multihulls arrive to compete for the America’s Cup in 2013.

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6 thoughts on “America’s Cup Preview. Now Think Bigger. And More Boats.”
  1. “I must go down to the sea again, to
    the lonely sea and the sky. To the
    flung spume and the blown spray and
    the… I don’t know, the thing in my
    Now I understand why they’re trying to make the hull more like a wing.

  2. Thanks SS for posting this.
    Wow, it didn’t hit me till now how a) fast these will be and b) how large they’ll be – these are 45s and we’re talking 72s for the actual race here?
    Starting to think this may actually be ‘not your average Americas Cup’.

  3. ^^^ the winds in that video were 12-15kts, but the slot easily fills to 25 on a summer day, which doesn’t seem much more, but the forces at play (lift, drag) go like the square of the wind velocity.
    So it could be “four times worse” than what you see here!
    If you don’t own the boat, four times better 🙂

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