Approved for development in December 2004, the entitlements to develop two five-story buildings with a total of 46 affordable housing units at 519 Ellis and 430 Eddy expired three years later in December 2007.

In March of 2008 the project sponsors requested a three-year extension to start construction, a request that was denied but an appeal opened the door to try again.

Now three years later, last month the Planning Commission heard a request from the sponsors for a seven three-year extension to break ground by January 2014. In addition to the project sponsor’s request, however, the Planning Commission also heard testimony that building permits have yet to be filed for, financing for the project has yet to be secured, and that the two undeveloped lots have been poorly maintained and attract criminal activity.

With a six to one vote and only Antonini voting against, last month the Commission passed a motion of intent to disapprove the request. Today, the Commission will likely affirm their intent and cancel the previously issued approval to develop the parcels.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Gil

    It’s about time.
    Let’s hope the Commission starts denying extensions to those proposed South of market towers once planned for the area but which no longer make economic sense.
    Giving extensions allows the these developers to tie up the land indefinitely. Even when most of their proposed towers never will get built.
    End entitlement extensions (beyond 1 maybe) and free up the land so smaller more modest and appropriate developements can have a go at it in the SOMA area.

  2. Posted by Alai

    Will denying extensions really make it MORE likely that something will happen to the lot, or that it’ll be better maintained?
    Five stories isn’t exactly a tower. What could you build that would be more “modest and appropriate”?

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