Brannan Street Wharf Rendering
As proposed, the “Brannan Street Wharf” project will demolish the existing Pier 36 and marginal wharf at the site, and construct a new 57,000 square foot public open space in their place. From the project’s Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR):

The proposed Brannan Street Wharf would consist of a 26,000 sq.ft. lawn, shade structure, tables, chairs and benches, litter receptacles, drinking fountain, lighting, space for public art installations, and a 2,000 sq.ft. small craft float with accessible gangway.

Brannan Street Wharf would be wedge-shaped, generally oriented in a north-south configuration, connecting alongside The Embarcadero Promenade. The north end of the park would begin south of Pier 30-32, extending south for about 830 feet to a point south of Pier 36. The park would be approximately 10 feet wide at its narrowest point at the north end, widening to approximately 140 feet at the south end.

The new small craft float would be approximately 30 feet by 68 feet with a low edge suitable for small human powered craft such as kayaks and row boats, and which complies with Americans with Disability Act (ADA) requirements and would connect the float to the wharf. The lawn would primarily be flat with the lawn laid in a raised planter about 18 inches in height, and would accommodate a variety of passive recreation uses.

Project construction will cost an estimated estimated $25 million and take approximately 21 months. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has received federal funding for the demolition of Pier 36 and will most likely take the lead for that component of the project.
As the aforementioned Pier 36 and rendered outlook above currently appears:
Pier 36
From Piers To Park And The Brannan Street Wharf By 2012 [SocketSite]
Brannan Street Wharf: Draft Environmental Impact Report []

16 thoughts on “From Piers To Park And The Brannan Street Wharf By <strike>2012</strike> 2013?”
  1. Cool. I’m glad to hear that the project specifically includes a water fountain. There aren’t enough of them around. Hopefully the design will include one of the foul-proof bottle filler fountains.
    Also nice is the floating ADA accessible kayak wharf. I never realized it but that seems like a great sport for people who don’t have use of their legs. It would be a great sport for me too, my arms are getting out of shape.

  2. Finally. This has only taken, what, 11 years so far? And the Watermark buyers kicked in ~15-20million of the cost and hasn’t seen any results yet.

  3. I have to agree, grass is so dull. Can’t parks and rec come up with something more exciting, maybe with real plants? How about some native plants or maybe coastal live oak?

  4. Wonder how this will mesh or conflict with the development of pier 30-32 for AC34. Isn’t there a proposal to use the water between pier 30-32 and 36 for a marina?
    [Editor’s Note: Hold that thought, they’re actually counting on its development for AC34.]

  5. Lawns can be very nice, especially to sit on and relax. Just the open space aspect of a lawn is also very soothing and appealing.
    Stop trying to be so damn PC by implying that lawns are only suburban: i.e. Redding.
    This is great project.

  6. Yes Jamie, the global tap was exactly what I had in mind.
    Ideally these would have two water outlets : the bottle filler and a traditional water fountain spout. That way those who are concerned about germs from the traditional spout can use the bottle filler and those without bottles can use the traditional spout.

  7. noearch – I’m making no judgment on private suburban lawns, just pointing out that they are common in the ‘burbs and much less common in urban homes.

  8. I read the NOP of EIR doc. The water fronting the park is to be used for AC72 mooring, and the water fronting the embarcadero between pier 14 and the bay bridge for spectator boat parking. These will be “temporary” marinas, and presumably all docks and boats are to be removed sometime shortly after Sept 2013.
    The pier14-bay bridge and pier30-32 to pier36 stretches are the only substantial viewable waterfront this side of the marina green. It’ll be important that these “temporary” marinas remain temporary.

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