752 Carolina

Its three wings, with 3,455 square feet of space wrapped around a central courtyard and surrounded by gardens designed by Jeffery Miller, were built across three adjacent Potrero Hill lots in 1997.

752 Carolina Master

Asking $3,000,000 in early 2008, the sale of 752 Carolina quickly closed escrow with a reported contract price of $3,120,000 that March.

752 Carolina Kitchen

And for the second time in three years, the “once in a lifetime opportunity” is back on the market, now asking $3,300,000. Will only the kitchen be left feeling blue once again?

∙ Listing: 752 Carolina (5/3.5) 3,455 sqft – $3,300,000 [MLS]

26 thoughts on “752 Carolina On Our Minds (For The Second Time In Three Years)”
  1. I bet you could get something nice in Presidio Heights or Cow Hollow for $3.3. Of course you wouldn’t have the excitement or easy freeway and SF General access of Potrero Hill.

  2. Q: How do you make a spread out kitchen work triangle even worse ?
    A: Obstruct the flow with a table and chairs in the middle.

  3. Such a nice looking place. Triple lot. Awesome views. I love the area. I always include Southern Heights Avenue to my bike rides when I go to Potrero.
    Why selling so fast? It’s the kind of property you should keep for your heirs.

  4. dogboy is spot on on the stairs issue. I used to live just up Carolina from this house. Shlepping groceries up those stairs would get very old, very fast. Never mind carrying kids, strollers, bags, shopping etc. up and down.
    Also, with the downturn in the economy, I don’t think the area is as safe as it was a few years ago – diners at the local French place, Chez Papa, were held up at gunpoint a year or so ago… a real shame as I think Potrero Hill is a great part of the city and super convenient in so many ways.

  5. 950 a square foot? With that stairway and no garage?
    I love this place, but that seems completely crazy. Sherpas indeed…..

  6. Not only that, M-o-D, but there’s a big rug in the kitchen. I am looking at this pretty scene and all I can think of besides moving the fridge is mildew.

  7. I absolutely loved this house last time around, and nothing has changed since… except the economy. I really do still love it, but I’d be shocked if it sold at anything above 2.5mm.

  8. Possibly my favorite house anywhere. My elderly dad has a little seat thing that goes up the stairs, built into the stair frame. I wonder if that could be put in outside.

  9. “Any ideas on the cost of a 2-car garage with an elevator directly into the home? 🙂 $500K+?”
    Probably a lot more than that considering you have to remove all or part of a cliff to put a garage at street level. The engineering involved is extensive, I wonder if a licensed contractor even have the knowledge to do it. Not to mention the city and the neighbors will never approve of it.
    It will be cheaper to buy the neighboring property (it’s for sale) and use its garages.
    On the other hand, it’s an awesome house. Wouldn’t surprise me if it goes near asking.

  10. All this and no parking???? Good thing you have the garden and orchard so you don’t have to schlep all that produce up the 3 floors to the front door!

  11. Saw it today. It’s a great house. Too big for my tastes though. The levels of gardens and the stone stair and are fantastic and unique – why use up so much of the lot for an oversize home? Huge rooms, somewhat disorienting layout (discontinuous, unfocused). Very nice woodwork.
    It’s just so piggy, the way rich people build houses. Swollen to the maximum footprint.

  12. Wow, AT, that’s an odd/unattractive location on Mississippi. Not that it wasn’t on the way up….but it’s looking particularly odd on the way down.

  13. Saw this place over the weekend.
    The realtor estimates only $150K to put a garage into the huge chunk of solid rock that the house sits on, and that the city would have “no problem” with an owner doing this.
    I had to laugh, but I think she was offended.
    The noise of the freeway was pretty annoying outside, and this was on a Sunday afternoon.

  14. We lived in that house in the 70s, then a 4rm cottage. Spectacular view and great garden space on one lot, with a 3rm cottage on the 3rd lot. Neighborhood is superb. Hated to move away.

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