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Designed by Curlett & Cuthbertson and built in 1881 for Theodore F. Payne, the Payne Mansion at 1409 Sutter survived the fire in 1906 and has since been registered as a historic place in San Francisco.

Serving in later years as a restaurant, an office building and even a YMCA…Recent renovations have been made—including marble flooring, lighting modifications and wall texturing to enhance the elegance of the building, while retaining the European stained glass windows and original wood work.

Currently an events space, it’s around 17,000 square feet over four floors with a ballroom, two conference rooms, a full catering kitchen, and two wet bars to boot.

1409 Sutter Bar

And if you’d like to own it (you know, because renting is for suckers and who doesn’t need a little extra entertaining space…), they’re asking $7,800,000.

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  1. Posted by Denis

    Ugh… What in Vegas hell were they thinking? Maybe it’s ok for a party rental, but the Flood Mansion it’s not. Even with 17k square feet (a number I question), this place has zero chance of selling at that price.

  2. Posted by BobN

    Putting down marble floors in a San Francisco victorian is an abomination. I imagine they did it because high heels and wood floors don’t mix, but it’s an insult to the word “restoration”.

  3. Posted by tipster

    I think “G” should buy it!
    It’s just his style and no pesky neighbors.

  4. Posted by EBGuy

    Speaking of “G”, a jury trial is set for March 7.

  5. Posted by Conifer

    Some large PacHts houses now have black and white marble entry halls, which fit in pretty well with the boxy Italianate neo-classical houses c.1900-1925. However, hardwood is kept everywhere else.
    It seems that some sellers, even in the current market, choose to ignore the simplest idea of location cubed. Sutter is not the best address.

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