1855 Laguna
Purchased for $2,660,000 in April 2006 with 25 percent ($532,000) down but a second added for $182,000 two months later, the fully remodeled Victorian home at 1855 Laguna with a big Viking and Sub-Zero in the kitchen returned to the market a week ago.
Now listed as a short sale for “$2,195,000,” three weeks ago a notice of default was filed on the Lower Pacific Heights property with $57,667 past due.
∙ Listing: 1855 Laguna (4/3.5) – “$2,195,000” (short sale) [MLS]
San Francisco Bucks CA Foreclosure Trends, But Not In A Good Way [SocketSite]

8 thoughts on “1855 Laguna: Nudged To Market In Lower Pacific Heights”
  1. Yikes! 1701 Gough which looked really nice online just sold for over asking for 3500 sqft @ $2.250. Seems banks are pretty quick these days at getting the homes approved for short sale. The 06 Apples are getting killed.
    [Editor’s Note: That’s $643 per square foot (and $25,000 over asking) for the “grand scale remodeled Italianate Victorian…sited on a beautiful tree lined corner lot in prime Lower Pacific Heights.”]

  2. Just to be precise, the remodel was before the 2006 sale, right? I believe this is an apple.
    The only permit drawn since 2006 was in 2008, so unless they are counting the unwarranted lower level as a “remodel,” this appears to have only cosmetic work done in the kitchen:
    Cost: $2,300.00
    The real remodel was 2002-2004:
    Cost: $80,000.00

  3. Has anyone been inside? How many sq feet? I guess you can say it has a lousy “yard” and at least the master bath looks fairly dark / downstairs. Tandem parkeing is probably not so great. Frankly this is “pac heights”, but there are now views down here.

  4. meant to add that chatter in the neighborhood is that it’s a strategic default. The seller isn’t exactly distressed

  5. “…sited on a beautiful tree lined corner lot in prime Lower Pacific Heights.””
    lol…corner of freeway and highway.

  6. Location is great walking distance to Japan Town, and Fillmore Street. This street is tree lined and its one the better lower pac heights locations. $2.1 mm is a steal…most of the houses around this area go for $2.5 or $2.6 mm.
    What’s up with the haters….lol? ;Freeway and a highway? Where do you live? and if you want a view you can go five blocks up and pay $2 to 3 million more.

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