Central Corridor Project Area

As the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency scrambles to secure a few hundred million dollars of non-federal funds to save the Central Subway project, the Planning Department has been awarded a Transportation Planning Grant from Caltrans “to develop an integrated community vision for the southern portion of the Central Subway rail corridor, with the goal of coordinating transit-supportive land uses with public improvements.”

The Central Subway Project is Phase 2 of the Third Street Light Rail Project, linking the City’s southern neighborhoods through SoMa (South of Market), Moscone Center, Union Square and Chinatown.

The Subway’s southern segment, located generally in the SoMa area between Townsend and Market Streets, offers the unique opportunity for integration of transportation and land use. The project aims to synthesize past and current land use efforts in and around the project area, including the Yerba Buena Center Redevelopment Plan, which sunsets in January 2011; the East SoMa Plan of the recent Eastern Neighborhoods planning process, which deferred changes on sites in the project area to allow further study; the Western SoMa Community Plan, currently undergoing Environmental Impact Report (EIR) analysis; and the Fourth & King Railyards Study. It will also strive to provide guidance for a high-quality public realm, with public amenities and a strong sense of place for visitors, workers and residents.

The planning effort will examine the future in the context of long-range regional, Citywide, and neighborhood needs, including economic and job development; housing and public spaces; and circulation.

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11 thoughts on “San Francisco’s Central <strike>Subway</strike> Corridor Project”
  1. If any state bureaucrat or private investor is reading this, please for the love of god don’t give any money to this terrible project.

  2. Oh, damn less-than sign.
    It takes less-than 10 mins to walk this stretch of 4th. And there’s always a million cabs waiting by the subway (sandos). This seems wasteful.

  3. Wasteful? Boy do you ever not get it. A project like this means lots of bids to be awarded to the politicians’ favorite contibutors. Then they’ll make sure everything is union to ensure, you guessed it, the union members” donate” to the right politicians, convince the other union members to vote for the right politicians, etc.
    Whether or not the public needs this is completely, I can assure you, completely irrelevant. It’s only your money and so spending it wisely is of no concern to anyone. This is a gravy train to the politicians.
    You guys are soo funny. Wasteful? No such thing.

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