3328 Washington
Quite simply, it’s for our love of a lovely living room. And walls on which to hang our art.
∙ Listing: 3328 Washington (3/2) 2,080 sqft – $1,995,000 [] [MLS]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by asiagoSF

    more like a 2 bedroom with open den
    nice location, but expensive for a 2 BR condo

  2. Posted by Poor in Pac Heights

    I give it 1.5 bedrooms + den. the second ‘bedroom’ is tiny…is that a single bed?
    Love the rest of the condo.

  3. Posted by Denis

    Very, very pretty… Good location, excellent remodel, Nina listing.. Should sell fairly quickly, unless the holidays keep people away. My guess for a sale price: 1,950,000. Too bad the bedrooms are small…
    My only other complaint? Why remodel the interior to perfection and not paint the facade of the building? It’s the color of sad!

  4. Posted by lol

    It has the bedrooms of a 1000sf flat. I hope the buyer doesn’t plan to have more than 1 kid.

  5. Posted by amused

    I hope the buyer is smart enough to not have any kids.

  6. Posted by anonee

    i’m waiting to hear the peanut gallery tell us that this would have sold for $3M during the peak…
    nope? crickets?

  7. Posted by diemos

    You never go wrong buying in the good seats.

  8. Posted by anonee

    of course you do if you overpay wildly.

  9. Posted by asiagoSF

    I hope the buyer is smart enough to not… be one!

  10. Posted by diemos

    “of course you do if you overpay wildly.”
    You’ll be relieved to know that I have so far avoided that.

  11. Posted by alazyman

    good to know anonee is paco’s latest incarnation. Yeah, paco, tell us about good. Oh, and how to make a killing doing tic conversions.

  12. Posted by anonee

    not sure who paco is but i can tell you that i have given out info about sfre that comes from the actual experience of buying,selling and holding.
    i know armchair quarterbacking is the preference on this site and that is why the content and comments rarely match what is going on ‘in the trenches’. still, it is fun to rattle a few cages…
    so let’s here about this place trading 30-50% higher at peak. same for ford st. let’s see you guys own your misinformation…

  13. Posted by lol

    I am not in the trenches as I have recently bought hopefully a good enough value. I could have afforded 3 times more, but I am still cautious and I think today’s buyers should be as well.
    950/sf is still pretty pricey. If it fetches that much, it will be a sign that these areas are still in the last pockets of resistance.
    This looks like it will be the pad of someone who’s eager to entertain, not nurture. Reasonable self-indulgence. Probably a second home?

  14. Posted by tipster

    Pros: Great public spaces (3 full size sofas and 2 chairs). Not that many view condos in that hood. Close to public transit.
    Cons: A single bed and a full side bed? I can’t see who this works for. A couple? That full sized bed is going to get old fast. A single guy as his shag pad? Not with a full sized bed. Maybe a widow or widower who wants space for a grandchild or visiting friend, who likes old houses and wants to walk to the little “shopping district” (that doesn’t have any grocery stores that I’m aware of, other than maybe an overpriced corner market). But it’s two flights up, which is hard on older knees, and when you get to the top of the stairs, you’re basically in the bedrooms. The 80s trac lights aren’t doing much for me: maybe the space looks better in person.
    If anyone has access to that one buyer with more money than brains, Nina does. And she’s more plugged in than I will ever be, and she usually prices pretty close to selling. But I honestly don’t see this hitting much more than 1.65. Maybe someone is taken with the view, but it’s from the kitchen (though that’s where I spend most of my waking time) and it isn’t that great.

  15. Posted by El Bombero

    Not sure if this place could have fetched 30% than its current list at the peak – maybe, maybe not. But if you look at a few of the “peak” prices paid for properties recently featured on SS, it’s clear there were some incredibly dumb buyers out there. Some fool paid almost 2.3m for the 2041 Sacramento condo back in 07, now listed for less than 1.6 (and sitting there). So, this washington street place might have fetched 2.8 in 07 or 08. Besides, we should wait to see where 3328 washington acually sells before projecting back what a 30% decline from “peak” would imply.

  16. Posted by anon

    If you follow people who are in the trenches, you end up in a ditch.

  17. Posted by anonee

    better the ditch than the ivory tower

  18. Posted by lol

    Well, someone who stayed in the trenches in Verdun probably outlived a guy who got himself in the first line of fire 😉 though he probably propagated his cautious genes and the risk taker did not…
    People who stayed in the RE trenches in 2006-2009 are also more likely to be wealthier than their risk-taking counterparts, when starting from the same basis.
    Now, both the cautious (it’s his nature) and the reckless (got burned) are staying put. Add to that rent control which keeps the cautious from switching sides.
    I think there’s a time to get out of the trench and charge. Whether it is now is a matter of discussion.

  19. Posted by Your equity will be assimilated.

    well, to contribute another data point, I was finally forced to pick up an reo condo 2/1.5 for a little over 200k that sold for $450k in 2006… in San Rafael. sanity is returning in some places…plenty of stupid money in others. trenches, ditches and ivory towers are all fine places to watch the air leak out of this bubble in sf.

  20. Posted by Conifer

    Denis writes: “remodel the interior to perfection”
    I cannot grasp some of the comments on this site. What kind of perfection is a chopped up Victorian flat decorated in black and white with golden oak floors? Not real SF, even if the neighborhood certainly is.
    How can this be a good deal when a whole house on Clay one block away (albeit without the view) just sold for 2.3?
    Only in comparison to Paris, where real estate prices are reported by the Chambre des Notaires yesterday were 20 percent annually.
    But this of course in SF not Paris.

  21. Posted by eddy

    2530 Broadway just sold for $1.6 (listed @ $1.85) and was $666/psf. It didn’t have parking but it had the views. Not done / finished as well a this place but it had potential. I think $960/psf is a reach for this place. We just saw a SFH on Clay trade for $2.1, granted that was a highly unusual sale, but you are in SFH territory and this place is just a really nice condo. For my money, I’m buying a condo on Broadway or Pacific. I’ll go with $850/psf @ $1.75ish but Tipster might not be too far off. And I don’t think this place could have ever fetched north of $2M in the past few years.

  22. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    “…not sure who paco is …”
    Is this like how anon.ed doesn’t know who anonn is who doesn’t know who fluj is ?
    Lets see what happens after plugging posts from both paco and anonee into the my patented linguogrammatik text analyzer and soft serve yogurt machine :
    Both start sentences in lower case : check
    Never capitalizes the first person “I” : check
    Never capitalizes “tic” : check
    Improper use of apostrophe to pluralize “tic’s” : check
    Often ends sentences with ellipsis… : check
    Addresses other posters with @ sign : check
    Extends vowels in words for emphasis (ooookaaaay, suuure) : check
    Embeds parenthetical phrases frequently : check
    Uses contraction “tho” : check
    Uses contraction “w/out” : check
    Contracts digit with word “unit” as in 4unit : check
    Both posted concurrently : no check
    So while the patented linguogrammatik text analyzer and soft serve yogurt machine cannot report with 100% certainty, it does say that paco and anonee do smell an awful lot alike.
    (and what ever happened to kid char ?)

  23. Posted by noearch

    Those track lights are from the 80’s..large and ugly.
    Too much shiny black leather.

  24. Posted by Your equity will be assimilated.

    Awesome post, MOD!!

  25. Posted by sfrenegade

    “(and what ever happened to kid char ?)”
    There was a thread a while ago where kid char morphed into anonee:
    I wasn’t on this site concurrently with paco, but looking through the archives, some of the back story-type stuff sounds similar about claiming to be a quasi-real estate investor for 15+ years. There are other similarities too, conceptually, whether in phrasing or in philosophy about real estate.
    EBGuy referred to paco as “in the trenches” once and then it seems paco/anonee adopted it:
    Someone appparently once called paco a “sophisticated troll” which is similar to anonee’s function. Coupling what I saw in my brief survey with Milkshake’s sophisticated linguistics filter, I would vote that anonee is paco is kid char.

  26. Posted by A.T.

    Hmmm, so the apparent significant number of mocking RE cheerleaders on this site is really the same two guys — fluj and paco — posting under a lot of different names. Guys, we give you the same (cough, cough) credibility even if you stick with just one name.

  27. Posted by sparky-b

    No, they aren’t posting under different names at the same time, so they don’t make up a significant number of anything.

  28. Posted by A.T.

    I guess you’re right that they only use one name per post!

  29. Posted by sparky-b

    not what I meant, in fluj’s case he uses a name for a few months and then moves on.

  30. Posted by around1905

    I think this place appeared in one of John Wheatman’s books, ‘A Good House Is Never Done’. No staging needed there…

  31. Posted by Your equity will be assimilated.

    ah, a mystery solved! Now, what’s the nexus between fluj, anonee and sparky? friends? partners? kindred spirits?

  32. Posted by sparky-b

    Me and fluj are bros. I don’t know anonee.

  33. Posted by tipster

    Sparky got outed on a thread almost as much fun as this one (Kudos to MOD here). In that thread, Sparky noted that he was the developer of a property that had the builder’s name listed on a posted notice that was featured in one of the socketsite photos. The name matched the one that fluj had admitted to on a different site, and the connection was made.
    Quite simply, it would be impossible to use the same linguistic techniques MOD used on this thread to try to link me as being the editor. And even if that were possible, we’d like to think that no one would believe you.

  34. Posted by sparky-b

    but you might by LMRiM.

  35. Posted by noearch

    Geez. come on all you children. Stop fighting about who is and not who. who cares.
    Let’s stick to the property ok?

  36. Posted by Brahma (incensed renter)

    diemos wrote:

    You never go wrong buying in the good seats.

    Yeah, I thought those Le Corbusier chairs were going to go out of style permanently in the early-nineties, but you still see them all over the place. I guess designers and interior decorators think they’re timeless classics, and when placed in the right surroundings, I suppose they can be. I still see them all the time in mid and high-end clothing stores, too.
    noearch wrote:

    Too much shiny black leather.

    That’s part of the charm (of the armchairs and sofas, that is); black and silver matches almost anything, even though I don’t think the coffee table quite works here.

  37. Posted by Kurt Brown

    Noearch sez:
    “Too much shiny black leather”

    And from another thread:
    “All you armchair design critics, here’s some advice: Go to architecture school, get your degree and learn the business of design and construction and what it really takes to make a project work from the design, codes and financial points of view.”
    Gee. I didn’t know you learned how much shiny leather is just too much in architecture school. I think I might have slept thru that lecture.
    * licks soft serve yogurt cone, thoughtfully *

  38. Posted by anonee

    mod and whoever else that cares, you can call me whatever you like, just don’t call me late for dinner.
    i’m not sure i remember seeing ‘paco’ posting here but whatever, i stand by what i post. if you have some qualms with that then fire away.
    i’m unclear about whether these are ad hominem attacks but clearly you guys are not addressing the posts i make here. i guess that’s the risk when you dare to question the ss lockstep bear parade.

  39. Posted by eddy

    Clearly tipster isn’t the editor. He’s Keyser Söze! 😉

  40. Posted by Denis

    Looks like it sold for 1.85? 889 per foot…

  41. Posted by eddy

    Beat my estimate by a cool $1m. Congrats to the buyers / sellers. Nice pad.

  42. Posted by tipster

    Eddy, you’re on record for 1.75 up above. Off by 100K, about 5.4%, not $1M.

  43. Posted by Denis

    I was also off by 100k.. over.. Thought it would go closer to asking. Nice condos in prime Presidio Heights are pretty rare. May have been a few repairs needed during the contingency phase (which lasted a long time). Anyway, a pretty good sale…

  44. Posted by eddy

    Hahab. Been a long week!

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