4042 24th
With Mi Lindo Yucatan having moved out a year ago and the space since remodeled and expanded to 2,495 square feet, San Francisco’s Planning Commission is poised to approve the conditional use authorization for Patxi’s Chicago Pizza to fill the vacant storefront at 4042 24th Street in Noe Valley.
Also in front of San Francisco’s Planning Commission tomorrow, a public hearing on the proposed 25-35 Dolores Street project and the conditional use authorization for a new doggy day care at 130 Turk in the Tenderloin.
130 Turk (Image Source: MapJack.com)
UPDATE: A separate proposal to add a fourth floor, parking in the basement, and nine residential units on the three upper floors of 130 Turk is also making its way through Planning. Cat people will need not apply.
4042 24th Street Conditional Use Authorization [sf-planning.org]
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San Francisco Planning Commission Agenda: September 2, 2010 [sf-planning.org]
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29 thoughts on “Planning Commission Poised To Let Them Eat Patxi’s Pizza On 24th”
  1. God forbid any local business actually show signs of prosperity. I’ll say it…Anyone who opposses Patxi’s is a communist.

  2. UPDATE: A separate proposal to add a fourth floor, parking in the basement, and nine residential units on the three upper floors of 130 Turk is also making its way through Planning. Cat people will need not apply.

  3. Patxi’s? I guess it’s good for kids, but it’s not a place I’d frequent. I must be a communist.
    There are a couple of notable exceptions, but what’s with the dearth of good food in Noe. I’ve now lived in this town for 15 years and rarely eat in that ‘hood. I find that most of my friends agree, but I haven’t seen it discussed much. Is it the young family demographics that results in mediocre eats?

  4. Anything Chicago related should not need approval from any mere SF planning board. Let them have a hundred free parking spots, 18 floors, whatever they want. Make sure BART, Caltrain, Muni have stops there. And an HSR stop.

  5. John – the lack of good eats pre-dates the stroller boom. If anything, it’s better now, with Fresca replacing a very bad Chinese restaurant, Contigo moved in. And that’s with the moratorium. Maybe now we’ll see more improvements.
    Honestly I think Patxi’s and Little Chihuahua/Boulange before it fill a bigger hole in Noe Valley. On the higher end don’t forget places like Firefly, Bacco, Incanto that get a lot of well deserved press, and lesser known places like Lupa which are really quite good. What’s in that mid-range? Barney’s? Haystacks? Henry’s Hunan?

  6. John – echo your comment but it’s actually gotten better in the last few years than it was, at least my opinion. My take is it’s just simply not enough (young) people coming to this hood in the evening. After 9pm, it’s quiet. Much better to be in the Mission / etc.

  7. As a Noe Valley resident, as far as I am concerned, if you don’t like the restaurants, go elsewhere. Since when was that the most important measure of the quality of a neighborhood?

  8. I ate at Patxi’s once in Hayes valley… It took an hour to get the pizza and it was uncooked and ice cold in the middle. I never went back… I must be missing something. I rarely see huge crowds in the Fillmore location. I wish them luck though..

  9. Denis – Yelp reviews for Patxi’s are pretty good. It’s not Gialina or Flour & Water but decent nonetheless. I’ve been a few times and the whole wheat crust low fat mozzarella Californian is actually tasty. I suspect it’s going to do well with the meat & potatoes NV crowd.
    Thumbs down on Incanto…If you’re into organ meat you’re gonna love it.

  10. Organ meat? Yes, please.
    Even though it’s Patxi’s (probably wanting some overflow from Pasta Pomodoro), I keep holding out hope for that space in general. It seems to be cursed.
    From my memory of when that guy who was on a reality TV show wanted to open a frozen yogurt place in North Beach that the chain limit is 8 locations. My memory may be bad, though.

  11. Mikey: The City defines “formula retail” (i.e. chains) as having more than 11 stores. Once you hit a dozen, you’re too big.

  12. I haven’t found real Chicago style pizza anywhere in this fair state. What’s the deal ? Paxtis and Pizza Chicago are good, but far from the real thing.
    Other foods that Chicago provides effortlessly but for some reason are unavailable in California : Gyros (the real thing, not that fake meatloaf stuff), brick cheese, really bad Mexican food.

  13. I think Zachary’s is the best Chicago-style pizza in the bay area. I wish they had a city location. Spinach & mushroom is my favorite. For Gyros, Yiassoo in Cupertino and Ayola on New Montgomery & Minna are both pretty good, IMO.

  14. Little Star you say? Based on the neighborhood crime comparisons foisted from time to time in these hallowed divs, the average poster on this board would be scared witless at 15th/Valencia.

  15. Little Star has a Divis location as well. It’s extremely popular, regardless of the neighborhood, but I’m not a big fan. I still like Zachary’s better. Maybe it’s the sauce. Whatever it is, this thread is making me hungry.

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