1150 Ocean Avenue Site (Image Source: MapJack.com)
It’s official, Whole Foods has inked a deal to occupy 26,000 square feet of ground-floor retail beneath the 173-unit Avalon Bay development in the works at 1150 Ocean Avenue.
If all goes as planned, the new Whole Foods should be open within the next two years.
Whole Foods signs for sixth S.F. market at new project [Business Times]
1150 Ocean Avenue Prepares To Break Ground [SocketSite]

19 thoughts on “From Auto Parts To Whole Foods (And Apartments) On Ocean Avenue”
  1. Surprising. This is a very seedy area – Ocean Avenue is getting worse over time and not better. Empty and or junky storefronts, more than it’s share of street people. Safeway couldn’t make a go of it at the other end of Ocean.
    Not to mention it’s near a very bad/dangerous intersection.
    Guess they hope to get the St. Francis Wood/Monterey Heights crowd.

  2. @Gil
    You make it sound like Sixth St. What’s up with the hate? Blue collar, yes, but very seedy? C’mon, there’s not even a pot dispensary.

  3. “Surprising. This is a very seedy area – Ocean Avenue is getting worse over time and not better.”
    Hardly seedy. This is a working class area.
    “Not to mention it’s near a very bad/dangerous intersection.”
    Again, no different from hundreds of other intersections across the city.
    Perhaps you should sign up for this http://www.keepfearalive.com/

  4. It might work; Ocean is a popular thoroughfare for many neighborhoods to the west heading for the 280. Could capture that market, but only if it has the parking. Transit issues aside, the location is not a popular Muni route for this demographic.

    This Sunnyside resident is ecstatic to welcome Whole Foods to that stretch of Ocean Avenue. While I don’t find Ocean Avenue at all seedy, much of it is definitely sad and neglected.
    This is such great news!

  6. From the archives: the project will yield 173 rental units, 29,205 square feet of ground-floor retail (with plans for a grocery), and 237 parking spaces.
    The project includes extending Brighton and Lee Avenues through the site in lieu of paying the Balboa Park impact fees.

  7. “C’mon, there’s not even a pot dispensary.”
    Actually, there is a pot dispensary 3 blocks away at Ocean and Miramar. But I agree, it’s not seedy. It’s very blue collar. My in-laws lived there for 30 yrs.
    On the flip side, if you cross Ocean Ave into Westwood Highlands, it’s almost as if you teleported onto another planet, one with lush landscaping and manicured lawns. Ocean Ave really divides the haves and have nots. Whole Foods is definitely catering to the “other” side of Ocean Ave.

  8. Could someone please rescue those palms and take them to Rancho Mirage or Indian Wells where they belong? (And stop removing the bark as well)
    But besides the palms, I wonder if those “blue collar” or “working class” folks nearby this site may not have more saved for their retirement (as a percentage of their income) and less debt on their homes then “professionals” in Noe Valley?

  9. @Outerlands ain’t bad:
    Very true about NV professionals. SF working class (not the regular US working class by large) usually know the value of money. NV thrives on windfalls but if your salary cannot sustain the upkeep of a mini-manse AND your lifestyle, you’re basically housepoor, living a lower middle class lifestyle in an upper middle class setting. And then you have to keep up with the Joneses.
    I think this is a good spot for a WF’s. Simply because of the SFW’s/MH’s crowd coming back home from the 280, either South or North. Also, the City College crowd will snatch their great (and decently affordable) sandwiches and home brand products.

  10. Thank you, Outerlands, for the comment about the palm trees. Definitely not the place for them, and like you, I wonder why people trim them up that way.
    As for Whole Foods, good for them.

  11. Hooray! will definitely be shopping here (and for the record TEJ, I am a professional who recently moved to the supposedly “bad” side of Ocean).
    I think Whole Foods will do great in this location. The only other place to walk to for healthy food is Fruit Barn, which is nice but pretty small.

  12. >> From the archives: the project will yield 173 rental units, 29,205 square feet of ground-floor retail (with plans for a grocery), and 237 parking spaces.
    Thanks for the info. this is interesting.
    I’m a new homeowner in Ingleside. While its certainly less attractive than other neighborhoods in SF, it has a lot of advantages. I’d love to see a better tree canopy though- the sidewalks are huge! check out Friends of the Urban forest !!!
    Also, Anyone know what the large development next door to the wholefoods is?

  13. I’m a fan of this. I bet this will bring the property value up. Traffic is terrible on Ocean. Hopefully people will be using public transportation, hoofing it, or riding their whole foods friendly bicycle.

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