Fox Plaza Facelift (

A plugged-in reader notes the face lift of Fox Plaza in progress. We note how much we appreciate your tips (especially when accompanied by a photo).

7 thoughts on “Fox Plaza Facelift In Progress”
  1. Is this related to their plans to build the flatiron condo building (which, in this location I wish would be taller than proposed).
    Love buildings which adhere and flow with our zig zag streets, and like the design, but seems another 10 stories — perhaps with smaller footprint would enhance that prominent Civic Center/Market Street/SOMA intersection & be in keeping with higher density in transit corridors.

  2. I’ll admit that I’m probably in the minority on this one, but I like the original, unaltered design. The proportions on it are great, and its concrete surfaces at least had an integrity lacking with most curtain-walled structures built today.
    It is not surprising that Archstone is behind its alteration. They are responsible for a number of poorly designed and cheaply constructed projects in the surrounding suburbs.
    Does anyone know what the alteration plans entail? I am assuming that the “solid” central portion of the structure will be painted or stuccoed a contrasting color.

  3. I walked past yesterday and also can see Fox Plaza out my window at work. Looks like about 80% of the work is done. 6 of the 8 window columns (or 7 out of 9 actual columns)have been completed.
    It actually looks much nicer from far away. I wonder if they’ll add an accent color on the top and narrow ends.

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